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18th July 2016

12 Reasons to Go For Mobile E-Commerce App!

The world is going digital and you have probably heard this statement numerous times. But another fact is- the most important one from an entrepreneur’s perspective- the world is getting congested in smartphones.  How so, you ask? Currently, there are well over 2.6 billion Smartphone subscriptions globally. The number is expected to jump to 6.1 billion users by 2020. While the smart e-commerce businesses have already changed their approach, undertaking this radical trend, if you’re still lagging behind, now might just be the best time to keep up with the pace of the changing world. Here are 12 other reasons why-

12 Reasons to Have a Mobile App for E-Commerce Business

Learning from the competitors
  1. Why do you see the majority of e-commerce brands today also have mobile apps?
  2. Why do you think there are so many standalone shopping apps with no web presence whatsoever?
These businesses clearly know something that you are failing to recognize. They are obviously getting decent return from their mobile app investment; otherwise the savvy minds wouldn’t continue investing in this direction. Making Sense of the Numbers
  1. On average, in US, a user spends well over 40 hours on apps every month.
  2. A user, on average, has about 27 apps on his/her Smartphone.
  3. Users spend 90 per cent of their time in apps compared to the mobile web.
  4. Mobile commerce will equal $284 billion in sales, by 2020. Factoring point #5, apps will play a larger part.
All these numbers point out the importance of having mobile app for e-commerce. And why, if you’re in this industry, you MUST have an app complementing your web based platforms. It is not an option any more, but rather essential. Benefits of Mobile Shopping App
  1. People can buy from your store easily, conveniently, and on the go, given apps are much faster and with easy navigation.
  2. Even when offline, you will stay close with the users. Your brand will have better visibility.
  3. With apps, you can communicate with the potential customers on a more personal level.
  4. You can use push notifications to inform the users about flash sales, additional discounts, new products and more.
  5. Payments on apps are much easier, faster and safer; something the users appreciate.
  6. Social media marketing practices sees a higher conversion rate on apps than browsers.
These benefits will subsequently improve your sales, attract new buyers, and build a good brand for your business that people would trust and rely on. Still wondering why your shopping website should also have a mobile app for e-commerce accompanying it? Thought so! Dial a good app developer and marketing agency today.

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