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26th June 2023

12 Things to Try on Google Analytics 4 to Become Power Users

Marketers don't usually agree on a lot of things. But one thing they have been unanimous about over the past year is that Google Analytics 4 is bad.

Whether you like it or not, it's a wrap for Universal Analytics. Google Analytics 4 is here. And it's a good idea to learn more about it to become a power user. Here are 12 things you should try on GA4 to use it optimally:

Hourly Insights with Email Alerts

Swiftly identifying and addressing issues on your website is crucial, especially during high-traffic periods.

GA4's hourly insights and email alerts feature is designed to facilitate this. It provides real-time alerts every hour, enabling you to detect and rectify any problems promptly.

This feature is particularly advantageous for e-commerce platforms and businesses that need to maintain constant website uptime.

Data Anomaly Detection

Reliable data is the cornerstone of effective decision-making. However, unexpected or unusual data points, known as anomalies, can distort your analysis.

GA4's data anomaly detection feature helps mitigate this risk. It scrutinizes multiple data inputs to spot potential anomalies, ensuring the data you base your decisions on is as accurate as possible.

Custom Reports

GA4 elevates the reporting process with its custom reports feature.

Unlike Universal Analytics, which only provides access to pre-set dashboards, GA4's Explorations feature allows you to create tailored reports that offer a deeper understanding of your data.

You can share these reports with your team, print them for offline discussions, or download them for further scrutiny.

Automatic Table Customization

GA4's automatic table customization feature provides a more flexible approach to data visualization.

Users with administrative privileges can modify how data is displayed in reports, adjusting metrics and dimensions as required.

This feature enables you to adapt your reports to suit your specific needs, enhancing your understanding of the data.

Advanced Funnel Analysis

GA4's advanced funnel analysis feature offers valuable insights into the customer journey. It tracks how users navigate your website, pinpointing any stages where they may abandon the process.

This information can be used to streamline the user journey, enhance the website experience, and boost conversions.

Audience Triggers

GA4's audience triggers feature allows you to set specific triggers for events when a user interacts significantly with your website.

Whether it's making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or downloading a resource, this feature provides valuable insights into user behavior.

It can be used to assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and refine your strategies for improved engagement.

Use "Secret Key" to Avoid Spam Data

Data accuracy is crucial in analytics, and GA4 ensures this by introducing a "secret key" measurement protocol to combat spam data.

This feature acts as a filter, ensuring only genuine data is included in your reports. It's like having a security guard for your data, keeping unwanted spam data out, and ensuring the reliability of your analytics.

Cross-Device User Journey Analytics

GA4 provides a more granular understanding of your customer's journey across different devices.

This feature enables you to see how users interact with your brand on various platforms, providing insights that can help you tailor your business and marketing strategies to meet your customers where they are.

Cross-Domain Tracking

GA4's cross-domain tracking feature is a game-changer if your business operates across multiple domains.

It allows the transfer of first-party cookies between domains, providing a holistic view of your visitor's journey.

It's like having a bird's eye view of your customer's interactions across all your domains.

Aggregated Data Streams

GA4's ability to consolidate data from different properties like websites and apps provides a comprehensive view of user behavior.

This feature allows you to track unique users across multiple platforms in a streamlined manner, making it easier to understand your audience and tailor your strategies accordingly.

Consent Mode for Conversion Upscaling

In an era of increasing data privacy regulations, GA4's consent mode feature ensures you collect the necessary information without violating any rules.

This feature balances the need for data with respect for user privacy, helping you upscale conversions while maintaining compliance.

AI Predictive Analysis

GA4's AI predictive analysis feature uses artificial intelligence to evaluate your target segments and predict their likelihood of making a purchase or conversion.

This feature is like having a crystal ball for your business, helping you optimize your resources by focusing on the areas with the highest potential for return.

Need Help with GA4?

It can take time to settle in on Google Analytics 4.

Building a dashboard, getting used to the UI, and understanding the navigation - there's a long learning curve.

If you need help setting up your GA4 dashboard and troubleshooting common issues, contact SEO experts for assistance.

Don't compromise on analysis and reporting just because you have a new-like tool. It is, after all, the most critical part of your digital marketing success.

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