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12th July 2020

3 Reasons Why Your Next Google Ad Campaign ROI Will Be Low

Ask a good digital marketing company and they would tell you Google ad isn’t as easy as so many online articles/videos make it to be.

It’s much more than just about bidding for long-tail keywords, getting the paid traffic, and driving conversion. This is especially true if you want an optimized return on ad spend (ROAS), wherein you get more in less.

After all, high return isn’t the sole goal of an ad campaign - optimized return is! $10 for $1 is better than $2 for $1. That’s what smart business owners and marketers look for; that’s what you should look for.

But then that’s not going to happen. Not at least in your next campaign.


Here are 3 reasons why your next Google ad campaign ROI will be low:

The Landing Page is Bad

Just a few lines of texts, a couple of images, and a CTA won’t do it for you.

Even when you are targeting users for their purchase intent, they will not convert with a thin landing page.

Now, having an impactful landing page has its own dynamics. Plus, how should it be varies from industry to industry.

But, in the end, you want a page that not only delivers on users’ exact needs but also checks all the boxes to deliver good UX. For instance, it must load quickly; it should be visually appealing; it should have well-defined call-to-action.

A poor landing page easily leaks many potential leads or sales. Optimizing it can make a big difference in your ROI.

Poor Quality Score

Quality Score - ranging between 1 and 10, 10 being the best - measure the relevancy of keywords. It helps Google estimate the quality of the ads, keywords, and landing pages.

But then chances are you already knew what Quality Score is. If not, you should consider hiring the best digital marketing company in Canada to handle your PPC campaign.

If your Quality Score is low, your CPC or CPA will be high. Meaning, your returns will be lower.

In contrast, when your Quality Score is high, it will lower your CPC or CPA. This will help you get more returns from the outlined budget.

Optimizing your campaign for higher Quality Score is a whole different subject in its own. Maybe we’ll touch that in some other post. For now, know that if your Quality Score is low, so will your ROAS.

Inadequate Analytics Acumen

One of the biggest mistakes many beginners make is under-leveraging analytics. In reality, it is one of your biggest assets to drive higher ROAS.

Google ad campaign isn’t a hit-miss scenario. It’s about starting from the best possible position and then making subsequent improvements based on the data you’re collecting.

If a keyword is converting poorly, change it.

If the session duration of your landing page is low, amend the page.

If one ad group is converting between vs. the other, fix your bidding accordingly.

There’s a lot you can do based on rich data. Sadly, many marketers do not even heed to data, let alone using something as robust as Google Tag Manager. If you’re one of them, you will certainly struggle to make the most of the ad budget.

Work it out for better ROI

There are no “rules” to run successful Google ads. It works differently for different people. It depends on so many factors, from industry to keyword-type targeted to goals.

But that said, there are definitely a few fundamentals that influence the ROI of ad campaigns. The mentioned three reasons above are those fundamentals.

These are three reasons why the ROI of your next Google ad campaign could very well be low.

Make changes in your strategies and approach. If needed, consider hiring a digital marketing company that specializes in paid ads.

Google ads can unlock you seamless success - but only if you know how to pull the right strings.

Audio : 3 Reasons Why Your Next Google Ad Campaign ROI Will Be Low

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