5 Marcomm Mistakes That Can Cost You Big (PART 3)

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5 Marcomm Mistakes That Can Cost You Big (PART 3)

In the previous parts, we discussed how creating an insufficient amount of content and having friction in communication between you and your audience can hurt your marcom, resulting in long-term challenges. If you didn’t read it, please go here and give it a quick read: 5 Marcomm Mistakes That Can Turn Into a Nightmare (PART 2)

Here’s part one of this 3-part series: 5 Marcomm Mistakes That Can Turn Into a Nightmare (PART 1)

Now here’s perhaps the biggest marketing communications mistake that many businesses make:

5. Evident Lies And Exaggerations

“We offer the best solution” says the website. Google Reviews reveal a 1.3/5 rating.

People can notice such lies and exaggerations.

Today, more than ever, when user-generated content is in abundance and people know how to really do their research before making their purchase decision, it’s not easy to go unscathed with lies and exaggerations. Everyone can see through these; at least the people who matter to your business the most.

Besides, even when you manage to convince customers or clients through lies, they will inevitably discover reality. This will trigger a nightmarish word-of-mouth effect that will significantly hurt your business’s and brand’s long-term prospects.

So many business owners lie, exaggerate, and mislead in their marketing collaterals. Don’t be one of them. After a point, this will emerge to be a big factor that destroys your business.

Besides, it’s easy to handle a few negative reviews when you have one of the good digital marketing companies by your side. When there are too many negative reviews – and that across numerous channels – no amount of expertise and PR can help.


Admittedly, there are many other marketing communications mistakes that can leave your business vulnerable. We have intently left out some of the common ones, like not having a PR crisis management strategy, lack of two-way personalized interaction, poor banner advertisement, partnering with someone controversial, and more.

So, there certainly is a big room to commit various mistakes that can turn out to be a nightmare for your brand.

To steer away from such events, have a thorough and well-defined marcomm plan and approach from the go. Know whom you’re communicating with, how you will communicate, and what is the purpose of the communication. If needed, consider hiring a marketing or SEO agency in Australia whose primary services match your needs and requirements; get help from experts.

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