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8th June 2020

5 Mistakes Smes Are Making In The Ongoing Crisis

When obstacles are clobbering your goals, it’s easy to lose balance and make mistakes. After all, much like many business owners, you had a plan for all the things to go right - little did you think of what you would do when the wings are tied and the flight is crashing.

We’re in a big crisis when, for the majority of the businesses across industries, the wings are indeed tied and the flight is sure crashing.

How to survive this health and economic crisis - and revive your business?

There are many ways, of course. The foremost is not making critical mistakes that can turn things worse for your business.

Here are 5 mistakes SMEs are making in the on-going crisis - but you should not:

Not Communicating (Enough) With Customers

Due to lockdown or quarantine, many businesses have not only shut their operations but also their communication.

Are you one of them?

This is the time to engage with your customers/audience. To thank them for the support; to keep them informed about your business status; to nurture them so when the crisis eases they are ready to purchase from you.

So, communicate with them more - across all relevant platforms, through different content formats.

Cutting Their Digital Marketing Spending

Admittedly, this is the time to be more careful with money. And business owners are already pulling the strings for cost-cutting.

In the process, many have even cut back on their digital marketing budget.

It’s a big mistake!

Digital marketing spending is essential - and not optional… It is more important than ever now to be more visible online, to reach out to more people, to engage more, to amplify your digital footprints.

If anything, this is the time to increase and optimize your digital marketing spending. So, hire one of the good SEO companies in India, content writers, social media strategists, and PPC experts.

Working With The Same Strategies

The market has changed. Consumer behavior is changing. A lot more will change in the coming weeks and months.

Still deploying the same marketing strategy and tactics is a mistake now.

Business owners must change and optimize their strategies to accommodate the changes of now.

For instance, the sales-driven marketing strategy should now be shifted to a brand-driven strategy. Similarly, business owners must start focusing more on top-of-the-funnel marketing; they must focus on storytelling.

So, audit the current market trends and redefine your digital marketing strategy and goals. That’s the essential part to stay competitive in the now - and be ready for tomorrow.

Being Reluctant To The Necessary Changes

The way business is now done will see a big change. And if you’re reluctant to these changes, you would be left behind.

For instance, did you know the search for “grocery delivery near me” on Google has increased by 550 percent?

digital marketing company

More Indians are now willing to pay online than ever before:

seo companies


Every business owner must keep an eye on these progressive changes that will continue even when this crisis ends. They must respond to these changes accordingly and promptly.

The rule is simple: Adapt or perish. Which one do you want to choose?

Thinking That It’s All Over

It’s not over… Not at least for the real entrepreneurs of the world who are mentally conditioned to take on such challenges and thrive when their back is against the wall.

They are the fire-fighters in the business world.

They are real leaders.

If you’re one of them, it’s not over. If you really care about your business - and are passionate about what you do – do not look for alternatives; do not plan another business; do not look to get a job.

Instead, persist through.


Steer clear of these mistakes.

Yes, there are many obstacles. But there are also enormous opportunities. The question is: Where are you looking at?

Keep calm, team up with the right digital marketing company Canada based, have a thorough plan, be flexible to accommodate new changes, innovate in the operations, and take prompt actions.

Indeed it might all seem quite overwhelming at present. But with measured steps forward, you can weather this storm and position your business for newer heights.

Audio : 5 Mistakes Smes Are Making In The Ongoing Crisis

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