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29th January 2021

5 Proven Tactics to Drive Website Conversion (Instantly) in 2021

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to get your website visitors to do… Sign up for your newsletter, fill up a form, follow your Instagram page, place a purchase order, or anything else…

There are some effective and proven tactics that virtually guarantee sky-high conversion, provided there’s proper implementation.

And these are the tactics that every top digital marketing company in USA or UK or anywhere in the world uses to unlock higher ROI for their clients.

Wondering what they are?

Let’s get to five of the most popular tactics to drive website conversion:

Above-the-fold CTA

Above-the-fold is the first thing visitors see when they land on a page. This ATF, at times, can make or break the deal.

Trying to convert right in your above-the-fold can be a great idea and is generally known to be beneficial. This is especially true with the repeat website visitors.

So, re-design the first fold of the landing pages; include a relevant CTA and let the visitors know what you want them to do the second they land on your site.

AI chatbot on website

This is extremely popular now. And there’s a reason why!

AI chatbots, if smartly implemented on the website with the right conditional workflow, can drive very high conversion.

So, look around and find a powerful website AI chatbot solution provider.

End-of-the-post CTA box

Don’t just assume that top-of-the-funnel traffic cannot convert or that it takes time. Not necessarily!

Make sure the blog posts, which are also the landing pages for targeted keywords, have a proper CTA box at the end.

After the visitors are done consuming the content, push them a striking call-to-action box. Provided your content was of good quality and it provided them high value, such prompts have higher chances of conversion.

Hellobar and Scroll box

Both are tried and tested. They are the backbone of many companies’ CRO strategy.

So, implement both or one on your page.

Prompt through a hello bar or scroll box and let the website visitors know about what you want them to do next.

Personalized content

This isn’t as much a tactic as it is a strategy, but it’s too important to skip on this list.

The idea is fairly simple. You create personalized content or copies for different target segments.

In this, you can even integrate new-solutions that can customize copy based on website visitors’ location and other factors.

A higher level of personalization in your content (‘content’ could be anything, be it your blog posts or a call-to-action one-liner on your homepage) increases the chances of conversion.

Need Help?

These are five tactics to convert your website visitors instantly.

Now, of course, being aware of these tactics and implementing them are two different things. If you need help, consider getting in touch with a digital marketing agency in UK or USA and working alongside experts to drive better results.

Audio  : 5 Proven Tactics to Drive Website Conversion (Instantly) in 2021

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