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18th August 2020

6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in a Recession [PART 1]

The changing times demand changing strategies. And we’re in a similar position right now wherein your social media marketing strategy demands an overhaul due to the pandemic and economic downturn.

Consumers’ purchasing power has declined; their consumption and browsing patterns have shifted; their primary and secondary needs are varied too as opposed to their needs in the pre-covid19 world. You need to redefine your social media marketing approach to tackle the challenges and opportunities of now.

Of course, that’s not easy. Unless you have the best SMO company in Kolkata by your side, you’re more likely to lose your marketing dollars in these challenging times. But to help you stay on the right lane, ride in the right gear, and maximize the returns… here are 6 social media marketing mistakes you want to avoid in this recession:
  1. Stopping social media marketing altogether. Many business owners are already doing it. You don’t want to be one of them.Just like when your website hits a glitch and you immediately hire a web development services provider without any option, social media marketing is similar. Important and mandatory even; especially in today’s time when you need to reach out to the right people, at the right time, with the right message, to keep your business afloat. Digital marketing – or in the current context, social media marketing – is that one thing that will help business owners survive this recession. You don’t want to pull the plugs on that in the name of “cost-cutting”.
  2. Refraining from paid ads. Yes, your business might be going through financially difficult times. But then it’s essential to realize that social media marketing isn’t a cost but an investment; an investment that can reward you with great ROI if done right. So, getting reluctant about spending on paid social media ads can be a bad move. In fact, this is absolutely a great time to invest in paid ads because their cost rate has come down owing to the ongoing events. For instance, due to coronavirus, Facebook has cut its ad rates by as much as 20 percent. You can tap on such low-cost ad opportunities to unlock amplified returns.

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Audio : 6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in a Recession [PART 1]

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