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31st October 2019

7 Content Marketing Mistakes That You Cannot Afford In 2020

“Content marketing is the only marketing that’s left.” - Seth Godin

Content marketing gets 3X more leads than paid search advertising. There are countless such statistics that underline content’s prevalence in the marketing world today.

But then crafting a high-converting content strategy is far from easy. In fact, it is one of the biggest challenges for marketers.

In that context, if you’re looking to dominate your industry and outdo competitors, here are seven content marketing mistakes that you cannot afford to make in 2020:

1.Not having a well-defined editorial calendar

This is one of the most fundamental mistakes.

You cannot just wake up and decide to write on anything that comes in your mind.

Content creation has to be much more systematic and strategic, fitting different stages of your sales funnel adequately.

This requires you to have a thoughtful editorial calendar that defines not just when and what you will create content on but also outline the purpose behind it.

2.Undermining the quantity

You’ve heard this many times - “quality is more important than quantity”.

Yes, undoubtedly, quality is very, very important. However, today, quantity is equally important, if not more.

At a time when the competition is high in nearly every industry and consumers’ attention span is decreasing, you need to produce an enormous amount of relevant content across channels to stay in front of the line.

This includes creating content for your own blog, as well as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Medium, YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok.

The more relevant content you produce, the more opportunities you will unveil.

In addition, feedback to what you’re posting will enable you to improve the quality of future content.

3.Focusing just on the written content

This is a big misconception. Content marketing isn’t just about texts.

It includes any and every form of content - ranging from images, Infographics and gifs to videos, quizzes and various interactive applications.

So, don’t just focus on written content. Depending on the platform and segment you’re targeting, explore other forms too.

4.Creating thin content

This is a big, big mistake. We aren’t in 2010 when blog content was produced primarily for ranking purpose.

Today, people want to consume high-quality content that not only provides them enough value but also deliver them good user-experience.

If you’re creating thin, invaluable content just for the sake of it, you’re not only putting off the target audience, you’re even hurting your brand value in the long-run.

Understand your target audience-their needs, requirements, preferences, problems and the solutions they are looking for.

And then produce in-depth content accordingly.

5.Poor contextualization to individual platforms

The photo you posted on Instagram might not drive the same engagement on LinkedIn.

The content that was your rockstar on Twitter might perform poorly on Facebook.

Different platforms have unique propositions. The users there have different mindsets.

For instance, people browse LinkedIn to find business-related content. On the other hand, Twitter is used to discover new topics and information.

This is why when you’re publishing content, you must contextualize it per the platform you’re posting it on.

You must understand the mindset of the users on individual platforms and then shape your content accordingly. This is CRO #101 that so many marketers completely overlook.

6.Not repurposing and reusing old content

The first rule of having an effective content marketing strategy is to focus on the pillar, evergreen content.

The second rule is driving value from that pillar content for years.


By repurposing and republishing it!

You worked very hard in writing that blog post. Don’t let it be a one-time thing. Instead, extract the most value out of it by republishing it in every few months.

Update the information there, add more details per the feedback you got from the readers and then publish it with the latest date. This is one of the most recommend techniques of top content marketing companies in Kolkata.

7.Overlooking the SEO aspects

Just creating content isn’t sufficient. You’ve got to make sure that enough people are consuming it. SEO is one of the ways to ensure that.

When creating content, you must keep the optimization aspects in mind.

Foremost, include the right and enough keywords in the blog posts.

Second, publish long-form content. They tend to do much better on SERP.

Third, use header tags appropriately to help bots better understand the structure of your content.

And fourth, use relevant images in the content wherever needed.

Of course, there’s plenty more to creating SEO-friendly content. For assistance, hire a top SEO company in Kolkata.


These are 7 content marketing mistakes that you cannot afford to make in 2020.

Content marketing can drive you seamless returns, pushing your brand to newer heights. However, it demands you to be smart and strategic in your content.

Remember, it isn’t just about publishing blog posts. Content marketing is about using any form of content across any digital channel to achieve your outlined goals.

Steer clear of the above mistakes and you’re good to go.


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