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7th December 2021

8 Things Missing in Your Digital Marketing Strategy (Pt 2/2)

Read part 1: 8 Things Missing in Your Digital Marketing Strategy (Pt 1/2)

5. A/B testing

There’s a reason why some of the leading B2B and B2C brands are spending millions of $$$ on growth marketing. That’s because if done right, a smart strategy can turn the fortune for them.

A/B testing is the cornerstone of a good growth marketing strategy.

Unless you’re open to experimenting and aggressively conducting A/B tests, you will never get better results. You will stay stuck to whatever returns you’re getting.

So, if you don’t experiment with different digital marketing techniques and tactics, it might be one of the reasons why your ROI is bad.

6. Buyer personas

This is one of the “little things” that make the biggest impact. Many businesses don’t feel it necessary to define their buyer personas. This is a big mistake.

How can you craft an effective digital marketing strategy without comprehensively understanding who you’re targeting and what kind of solutions they want!

For instance, without knowing which social platform your target audience primarily uses, you wouldn’t know which distribution channel to prioritize. Similarly, if you don’t have a sufficient understanding of the budgeting of your prospective customers, you can’t create sales page copies and set pricing.

So, it’s essential that you have defined buyer personas that adequately provide all the details about your target audience.

7. Brand-centricity

The digital marketing companies have finally realized this. Branding is deeply ingrained into digital marketing. And as we move forward, this is going to get more evident.

The marketing ROI of a renowned and trusted brand would be much higher than someone obsolete, even when the former's campaign was poorly crafted. That's because it enjoys a strong brand identity and trust value.

If your current digital marketing strategy isn’t tied to your brand name, if it isn’t centric to your branding, it will inevitably fail to deliver optimum results.

Work together with your team to integrate digital marketing and branding with each other. Build your brand name and then use that brand positioning to bolster your marketing campaigns.

8. A long-term approach

If their strategy isn’t working well, many businesses completely change it. If they are not seeing the expected returns, they make big changes to the strategy.

This isn’t wrong, if not done within a few weeks or months after implementing the strategy.

Digital marketing isn’t a magical pill; especially from the organic POV. Even the best SEO agency in USA would require a few months to get your website to rank higher on SERP. Even the best creative agency would need time to build your social media following.

So, after you have started implementing your digital marketing strategy, you must allot it enough time to get the wheels rolling. If you’re constantly intervening in just days and weeks with unnecessary changes and shuffles, you will not see good results.

All in all, have a long-term approach where you deploy enough patience.

Final words

In this two-part post, we covered eight possible things that are missing in your digital marketing strategy, which is why you’re not getting the kind of results you want.

Of course, there’s a lot more that can be wrong with your existing strategy.

So, do thorough auditing of the strategy to find gaps. If you need help with this, connect with any of the digital marketing companies. You can either consult them or seek end-to-end help with strategy-making and implementation.

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