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19th August 2021

8 Tips to Use Videos to Improve Your SEO (PART 1/2)

SEO is much more than just about written content.

With the dynamics of the game changed now, videos have come to play a critical role in SEO. And as video consumption is expected to continue growing, this format of content will increasingly play a bigger role in SEO as we move forward.

So, if you’re serious about SEO but have been careless about the video, you might be missing great opportunities to rank higher and dominate SERP for relevant keywords.

How Videos Can Help Your SEO?

  1. SERPs are filled with more video results now than ever. Getting your video ranked higher assures you of great ROI.
  2. Videos can significantly increase your site’s average session duration, thereby helping your SEO. Session duration is among one of the key metrics search engines look at.
  3. Videos on a landing page increase the conversion rate. And if you ask any good digital marketing company, they would tell you SEO is just as much about conversion and sales.

These are three very straightforward ways how videos can help your SEO. There are plenty more direct and indirect benefits of using videos in your SEO strategy. So, if you aren’t already, get more serious about videos to ensure your SEO game remains relevant and effective in the long run.

How to Use Videos Boost Your SEO?

Now coming to the most important part…

How can you effectively use videos in your SEO strategy to avail optimal benefits?

Here are 6 tips:

1. Prioritize quality atop

This is the most obvious thing but it’s still worth mentioning.

Including videos in your SEO strategy has benefits. But then that doesn’t mean you do this just for the sake of it.

In fact, poor-quality videos may do more harm than good. People who watch the video may not return to your website, let alone purchase from you. They may leave with a bad brand impression.

So, make sure the quality of the video aces and that it checks all the right boxes, right from its utility value to CTA at the end.

2. Create buyer personas first

What kind of video should you produce? What should be the topic of the video? What should be the objective and messaging of this video? What should be its CTA?

Such questions can only be answered if you know and understand your target audience. And this is not possible if you don’t have buyer personas.

So, as a first step, create buyer personas of your target audience that include multiple data points, right from demographics to psychographics.

3. Optimize the page properly

With video or not, for the page to rank higher on SERP it must fulfill the fundamental requirements.

For instance, the page should load faster. It should be responsive and mobile-friendly. The navigation should be easy, scrolling smooth, and font legible enough.

Further, the content on the page with video should be optimized well with the right keywords. The relevancy of the video and keywords should be apt.

In addition to these, there are several other things you can do to properly optimize the page. Get in touch with any of the top SEO companies in Australia for help.

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