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22nd September 2021

9 (Simple) Steps To Build a Strong Brand Identity (Pt 1/3)

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for the majority of the businesses; not at least with what the world witnessed since the outbreak of the pandemic with so many businesses shutting permanently.

However, strong brand identity does qualify as a ticket for an assured and better tomorrow.

A business with a strong brand value enjoys higher sustainability. (And, of course, it enjoys better growth opportunities!)

There’s a reason why all the attention in 2021 is on branding. There’s a reason why so many big names have adopted brand-driven strategies and are pushing harder to bolster their brand identity and recall. And there’s a reason why every top digital marketing agency in Kolkata now integrates branding into its overall marketing strategy.

If you haven’t already, follow suit! Start focusing on your brand name.

Admittedly, building a strong brand identity can be a challenge in itself. These nine simple steps will help you with it:

1. Achieve brand consistency across platforms

This is the first step to begin with. Make sure your website and social media presence have consistency in messaging and visuals.

For instance, your Instagram posts should have color schemes that match the color of your website. Similarly, your Facebook display picture should have the same logo as your website.

The vision, mission, and other statements, as well as visual elements, should be contextually-same across all platforms. This will ensure people know they are engaging with the same brand across the board, which will build higher recall value.

2. Come up with a brand story

A story is an essential part of the branding strategy.

Why does your business exist? What problems does it solve? Who it targets? What are its USPs? What are its value propositions? What values does it hold?

The brand story should encapsulate such details and answer every question regarding your business in a more engaging, and possibly relatable way.

A unique and interesting story will help your brand stand out. Also, people remember stories better than static pieces of information. So, stories can help your brand make a bigger impact.

If you need help coming up with a great brand story, get in touch with the best digital marketing company in Kolkata and work with expert writers.

3. Invest in branding collaterals

This includes a logo, audio logo, animated logo, watermark, taglines, images, story page, and bio.

Make sure these branding collaterals are of superior quality; they should be consistent and interesting which makes people take note of your brand name.

Read the next part of this three-part blog: 9 (Simple) Steps to Build a Strong Brand Identity (Pt 2/3)


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