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26th September 2021

9 (Simple) Steps To Build a Strong Brand Identity (Pt 3/3)

Read the previous part of this three-part blog: 9 (Simple) Steps to Build a Strong Brand Identity (Pt 2/3)

7. Personalize your campaigns

Personalizing your marketing campaigns will make your audience believe that you know who they are, what their problems are, and what kind of solutions they require.

This will help build a connection between them and your brand. It will win their trust, resulting in sales conversion.

In fact, personalization is one of the most effective CRO tactics, used by every top digital marketing company in Kolkata.

To personalize your marketing campaigns, you need to first have buyer personas. Each persona should be segmented under different heads based on various factors, like income level, education, social media used, and more. Based on this segmentation, you can craft custom messaging for each persona that is highly targeted.

Admittedly, this is a time-consuming task, and it may even be expensive. However, the long-term benefits of personalizing marketing campaigns are unparalleled.

So, say goodbye to a generic approach and steer towards a higher level of personalization.

8. Deliver a positive experience

Negative news may get more clicks but it is the positive stories that leave a lasting impression.

So, foremost, your marketing campaigns should be emotionally enticing; they should stir emotions in the target audience.

Second, the campaigns should deliver a positive experience. Compassion, inspiration, motivation, gratitude, anything else, your content should make people feel good; they should feel positive with their engagement with your brand. A positive experience that’s consistent over time will make people remember and like your brand name.

So, shape your brand name around positive experiences. Avoid content that goes against this thesis.

9. Deploy patience

This is an underrated step to building a strong brand identity, but it’s in no way any less important.

Remember, brand-building isn’t a one-off thing. It isn’t about using spray-and-pray methods. It’s a long-term game that requires time to reflect well on your KPIs.

So, expecting unrealistic returns within weeks and even months is a bad idea.

Many business owners, not seeing the desired results in a few weeks, shake things up and change their marketing and branding strategies. In reality, those strategies were working well and they needed some more time to start showing good results. So, don’t be one of these business owners!

Once you have defined a brand-integrated marketing strategy, trust it! Make execution and analyze the results. Do make the improvements as and when needed. But do stick to that same strategy for a little longer. It takes time to return with good results.

Final Words

These are a few of several steps to build a strong brand identity that people like and trust.

As mentioned, brand-building can take time. It even takes more resources. But it is critically important for business sustainability. So, despite the frictions, you should be extremely serious about building a strong brand identity for your business. If you need help, get in touch with a good renowned digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

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