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11th October 2021

A Beginner’s Guide to Link Building

A lot has changed in the SEO landscape. Link building, in particular, has seen a significant transformation. No more is it about getting as many backlinks from third-party sites as possible. If anything, such an approach will do more damage than good.

Link building in 2021 requires a much more strategic approach with a focus on quality. Meaning, how and from where you get the backlinks matter a lot now. Similarly, the quality of the backlink is more important than the quantity.

The key to link building in 2021 is to do away from the old practices and adopt a refined view that’s in sync with the latest requirements and recommendations from search engines. So, let’s start with what you should not do when building backlinks before jumping on to effective tips.

How not to build backlinks in 2021

1. Don’t ask for backlinks: Don’t send cold emails to unknown websites and ask for reciprocal backlinks.

2. No comment-link spamming: Don’t go about finding websites with a dofollow comment section. This is a very prevalent practice that’s a complete fail today.

3. No shady directories: Don’t submit yourself to shady online directories that not only have a bad reputation but also poor domain authority.

4. Don’t create other websites: Don’t create new BlogSpot or WordPress accounts just so you can include your site’s link there.

5. Don’t guest blog on poor websites: They may accept all types of guest posts but those websites are also poor in quality with a dented reputation.

6. Don’t post links on forums: Don’t thoughtlessly push the link of your website in any and every forum you come across.

7. Don’t go on Fiverr: You will find many backlink sellers on Fiverr and other similar platforms, selling hundreds of backlinks at cheap.

These are some of the critical don’ts of link building in 2021. These are black-hat practices that, once popular, no longer work. If anything, they can even hurt your website.

With the don’ts taken care of, let’s jump on to the effective tips to get backlinks for your website.

How to get backlinks for your website?

There are several white-hat and grey-hat practices. Here are some of the most effective ways to get backlinks for your website:

  1. Link baiting

This is one of the simplest and most effective link-building techniques. (Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy!)

The idea is simple: You create such incredible content that others love to link. So, in a way, you’re “baiting” the links.

As mentioned, creating such high-quality and resourceful content is far from easy.

In addition to text, the content should have visual appeal as well as relevant images and videos. The page itself should load fast and provide a good user experience.

You can hire a digital marketing company for the content creation process. They have a team of experienced writers and bloggers. Work with them to produce truly incredible pieces of content that others don’t just like but are tempted to link.

  1. Guest blogging

There’s a big difference between guest blogging on poor websites and guest blogging on high-authority websites. The former you need to avoid; the latter is encouraged and adopted even by every top SEO company in Australia and across the world.

Indeed, getting your guest posts approved by high-authority websites is not going to be easy. Moreover, many such sites do not even accept guest posts from the front; you need to approach the right people and have the right individuals in your network.

But given just how beneficial guest blogging on top websites can be, the efforts are very well worth it.

So, go about and find such guest blogging opportunities. In addition to ensuring the domain authority (DA) of the websites is high, you also need to ensure those websites are relevant to your niche. Getting irrelevant backlinks isn’t as effective, even when it comes from high DA websites.

  1. Skyscraper technique

This is one of the most popular link-building techniques.

The idea with the skyscraper technique is to create an incredible piece of content and reach out to people who have linked similar content on their websites.

As a first step, finalize the keyword you want to rank for. Do an analysis of that keyword and see the kind of content that’s ranking high on SERP. Take cues from these search results and create a better piece of content. Then find out which websites have linked these top-ranking pages. Reach out to those websites, informing them that you have a better piece of content that could be more valuable for them and their audience.

Of course, not everyone is going to replace their existing backlinks to a website with yours. But some would. And this can make a big difference. You don’t need hundreds of backlinks. Even 2-3 backlinks from good quality and relevant websites are sufficient and highly rewarding.

  1. Conduct surveys

People love quoting surveys and research studies in their content. And this is a great link-building opportunity.

Conduct surveys and publish original reports with original statistics; publish a blog post around that. You can even publish a PR on this survey to gain traction.

Post it on social media in different formats.

The more people your survey result reaches, the higher the chances of getting linked.

  1. Curate statistics

Blog posts that curate statistics from different sources, in respective niches, get many backlinks.

People can find all the stats in one place. It’s convenient. This also increases the chance of them crediting this source whenever they are using the statistics in their own blog posts.

So, create a pillar blog post with all the relevant statistics in your industry. Make sure this post gets updated regularly.

If you offer stock market consultation, something like “55 Stock Market Statistics Every New Trader Should Know” can bring you many backlinks and mentions.

Similarly, if you’re in fitness, a post on “35 Fitness Statistics You Should Know If You Have Just Started Working Out” can get you many backlinks.

Final Words

These are just a few of several popular link-building techniques.

Of course, in 2021 and beyond, link building is more challenging than ever. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the rules of the game have changed significantly compared to how things were just a few years back.

So, take your time to create a smart link-building strategy that’s in sync with the best practices of today. For help, get in touch with a digital marketing company or any dedicated SEO company in Australia.

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