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16th June 2020

How Kreative Machinez Is Helping Small Businesses During Covid-19?

A few days back, we published a kickass 2-post series on how startups can survive the ongoing crisis.

It’s another part of our long-term commitment to support business owners… a commitment of a trusted digital marketing agency that has found a new resiliency and objective in this pandemic when we’re seeing so many businesses not just slowing down but sadly shutting.

BTW, if you didn’t read that mentioned post, please give it a quick read: 10 Things Your Startup Needs to Survive Current Crisis

The team at Kreative Machinez is actively working with clients - from different niches - to maintain their online presence, engage with relevant audiences, and preserve their products’ demand on the back of topical marketing. After all, while the world may have been paused a bit due to quarantine/lockdown, a business shouldn’t. We firmly believe that.

We also believe that while things are quite challenging at this very moment, there also exist plenty of opportunities. And to assist business owners to tap on those opportunities, we recently created a COVID-19 resources page. It includes two massive PDF guides. One, how a small business should effectively communicate with the customers during this crisis. Second, how can they prepare their business to get back on the track once this pandemic starts slowing down.

Both the PDF guides are free to download. Check out this COVID-19 resource page.

We genuinely hope the PDFs add value to small and medium-sized businesses.

[Free Consultation]

In addition, to further support them in these difficult times, we’re also offering free consultation. Talk to our experts, ask questions, learn how you can navigate your business through this storm, and then inevitably touch newer heights.

As the best digital marketing company in Kolkata, we’re now walking a mile or two extra to help SMEs find their mojo in this pandemic… even if they aren’t one of our clients.

If you run a business and are currently struggling due to the ongoing events - hold your nerves, calm your anxiety, and get in touch with Kreative Machinez. For more than a decade, we have helped hundreds of businesses, empowering their growth and sustainability. Indeed, this time the challenge is big, but then so is our team’s spirit and commitment.

Let’s talk. We’re friendly people! :)

Audio : How Kreative Machinez Is Helping Small Businesses During Covid-19?


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