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22nd February 2019

How to Not Care About Latest Google Update (And Still Rank #1)

Google changes its algorithm every single day. Often multiple times a day. In fact, according to Moz, the search engine updates its algorithm 500-600 times a year.

Of course, a lot of these changes are too minor to even care about, having virtually no significant impact on website ranking. BUT some stands out...

Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird are possibly three of the most fundamental updates that virtually changed the SEO game.

Mobile-first index, rolled out in March 2018, was a big one as well, underlining a shift in paradigm, from desktop to mobile.

The most recent Google update came in August 2019, when the search engine formally (and vaguely) announced Broad Core Algorithm Update.

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Can You Keep Up With All Google Search Algorithm Updates?

For an SEO agency, they have no option but to be in know with all the latest Google updates. But for business owners, can they do it?

Or, a better question would be: should they do it? Is it a sane idea to move away from own products and start focusing on algorithm updates?


It's a bad idea. And, most importantly, it's not always possible given a lot of these updates come unannounced and only become evident by looking at collective data from various websites.

In such a case, for all the DIYers, it's important to get proactive rather than playing in defense. Yes, not keeping up with the new SEO trends can pose a challenge to rank higher on Result Pages. But it doesn’t have to be anything difficult.

In short, you can NOT care about the latest Google update and still get your website rank high on SERPs.


Don’t just stick to the basics - BUT pull the basics better than your competitors.

SIMPLEST Way To Rank Higher on Google

Search Engine Optimization isn’t necessarily such a fussy subject. Stick to the core principles and do the basics correctly, everything will fall in the right place.

digital marketing agency in Kolkata

Yes, semantic SEO, schema markup, image optimization, link building, robots.txt and more - these are decently important aspects of SEO. But the elemental purpose why this search engine exists in the first place remains the same: to provide people what they are looking.

(Heads-up: Clichéd advice ahead!)

The simplest way to rank higher on Google is to offer your audience the best possible version of exactly what they are looking for.

Even Google itself recommends this in its SEO guide: "Know what your readers want (and give it to them)."

It's NOT That Difficult

For example, if you genuinely want to help your audience and resolve their problems, you wouldn’t need to go through a whitepaper to remember that your "How to start a blog from scratch" article must be 1,890 words long. It would naturally become long enough that covers every aspect of your target audience's problems and questions.

In addition, the article will logically (and intuitively) include long-tail and LSI keywords like "start a new blog" "steps to launch a blog" without you spending hours in keywords research.

If you want to reach out to more people, you wouldn’t need to digest a book on link building strategy. You would simply find a website that accepts guest post, write for them a helpful article the audience would appreciate, and you would automatically win brand traction. No worries about doFollow and noFollow backlinks.

Admittedly you have heard it many times: provide value to your audience. Cliché it may sound, it's also the simplest and most effective way to rank higher on Google and Bing.

Stick to the basics and you wouldn’t have to worry for even a second about the latest Google update. The search engine strives to provide the highest of value to the end users. If you’re offering more value to your audience, in the long-run, your website bounds to rank higher on SERP and enjoy big organic traffic.

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This aside, if it still sounds confusing, you can always hire a good digital marketing agency in Kolkata and let them do the work for you.


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