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29th August 2022

How to Resurrect Your Dead Facebook Page? (11 Tips) [Pt 1/2]

Nearly two billion people still use Facebook every day. (Read that again!)

So, while you may have stopped paying attention to this platform due to low organic reach, opportunities are still in abundance there.

But, of course, if you have let your business Facebook page die long ago, going back to wider reach and higher engagement won’t be an easy climb.

You would need more than just a basic plan of “let’s post more content”.

Here are 12 tips to help you revive your dead or dying Facebook Page in 2022:

1. Use a Better Profile Pic and Cover Pic

The first step to fixing your Facebook page is to audit its visual presence. Make sure that your profile picture and cover photo are the right ones for your business. If they aren’t, then change them! Since this is a fresh start, it makes sense to use new and improved profile/cover pictures.

2. Change The Bio

You should also make sure that you are using a good description for your page. Add new information. Reinvent what you were saying earlier in better copies that grab attention Don’t forget to update it with any new information that you have recently added or changed about your organization! Again, the idea is to ensure your Facebook page is completely optimized. So in case someone comes to the page, they should get a complete context about your business.

3. Admit The Gap

You're getting active on Facebook after a long time. Sure, you can start posting content without addressing why you haven't been active on the platform, where did you go, and why people are seeing your content now out of nowhere. But it's a better idea to address your absence, admit that gap, and let people know you're back. Such honesty adds a level of storytelling that could get people to listen to what you're saying.

4. Post More Content

The quantity of the content you publish matters just as much as the quality. So, when you're creating a content calendar for Facebook, be careful about the quantity. Your posting frequency should be high. The more content you produce the more opportunities you will have for discovery and engagement. This isn't to say you should publish something every other hour. But posting once, twice, or thrice a week won't help a lot. If you need help in creating content, reach out to a good digital marketing service provider company.

5. Reinforce Attention to Videos

Videos remain big on Facebook. So, while your content should be a mix of text, pictures, and videos, you may want to focus a little bit more on videos. Make sure you're posting different types of videos regularly. And these videos should ideally be educational. Maybe you can sit in front of the camera and talk to the audience. Or you can invest in whiteboard videos. In any case, make sure the focus is relatively more on publishing video content. Again, if you need help in creating video content, get in touch with the no 1 digital marketing company in India.

6. Cross-Promote FB on Other Platforms

A lot of people who are already engaging with your content on other channels are on Facebook as well. Now is the best time to get them to engage with you on Facebook. So, inform everyone on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and whichever other platform you're active on that you have started posting content on Facebook. Request them to follow your page and engage with your content. In fact, publish something exclusive on Facebook and post that link on other social channels. Hype people there to check out this Facebook post. Doing this once in a while can bring a lot of engagement to your Facebook page.

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