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21st July 2020

How to Work With SEO Agency (Without Being Too Controlling) [PART 2]

If you have hired a good agency that offers reliable SEO services in Kolkata, you wouldn’t necessarily need to control them. They would understand your needs better and deliver adequately on your expectations. And this is exactly what we touched in detail in the previous part of this 2-part series. If you didn’t read it, please go here and read before moving forward: How to Work With SEO Agency (Without Being Too Controlling) [PART 1]

Working on the Relationship

Even when it’s a great match, every relationship requires effort for prosperity and sustainability. So does this one - between you and your SEO or digital marketing agency in India.

After hiring a good agency, you must follow the right etiquettes to ensure this relationship continuously adds value to your business, making you more visible online and unlocking higher organic traffic for your site.

(Of course, there’s a whole different set of etiquettes for the agencies. But that’s a different topic altogether, apt for some other discussion.)

You must work to ensure you and your agency are on the same platform - and that there is as little friction as possible. Here are 5 things you need to take care of on your end to work with these experts without being too controlling:

1. Be (very) clear in your goals

Let them know what exactly you’re trying to achieve. Share your expectations.

Moreover, don’t change these goals all the time. A change in goal requires a change in the plan, which isn’t straightforward.

2. Explain to them “what” not “how”

Once you’ve shared your “what” aka what you’re trying to achieve, let them decide on the “how” part aka how they are going to achieve that ‘what’.

Don’t tell them what needs to be done.

Trust their expertise and experience. They have done this for many business owners like yourself. They know what works well.

Allow them the space to plan and execute independently.

3. Have a proper communication protocol

For effective communication, there has to be a proper system.

While you can contact the agency any time you want, you should refrain from this.

Unnecessary communication creates delays and inefficiencies in the process. Plus, it also leaves windows open for conflicts.

Communicate at the decided time/period, for the right reasons, and with outlined objectives.

4. Ask the right questions

Don’t get into the blame game.

Instead of pulling “this didn’t work” or “the traffic is low”, ask appropriate questions like “why didn’t it work” and “why is the traffic still low”.

The right questions will take you on the right path. This path could be anything - whether a change in strategy, a shift in approach, or hiring a new agency for SEO services in Kolkata.

Be empathetic. Focus on solutions and not problems.

3. Share your feedback (and displeasure)

You’re paying money to this agency. Your business is at stake.

If you aren’t happy with the results, be open to share your critical feedback with them (in a nice way). Let them know that you’re displeased; point out why you’re disappointed.

Believe it or not, many agencies actively look for feedback from the clients so that they can further improve their strategies to deliver that client better.

Great Returns Demand Big Efforts

These are five tips on how you can work with an SEO agency without being controlling.

An empathetic and harmonious connection between both the parties assures prosperity and sustainability.

On the contrary, if you’re trying to control what your agency does – and you’re being too demanding - you’re going to endure loss in money, time, and energy.

So, if you’re looking for great returns, you must be ready to chip in big efforts. In this case, the “efforts” include taking the right measures to maintain a good relationship with your SEO or digital marketing agency in India.

Audio : How to Work With SEO Agency (Without Being Too Controlling) [PART 2]

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