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26th July 2019

Is Your Instagram Organic Reach Down? Here’s What You Can do Now

Instagram seems to be going the Facebook-way, cutting back on the organic reach of posts, likely to push its ad program.

While a spokesperson from the photo-sharing app has dismissed it, the feeling among the social media management companies in San Jose, and around the world, still remains that Instagram has released an algorithm update of late. And this has led to a significant decrease in the organic reach and engagement on the platform, which many users are complaining about.

Per a study, according to a report on Search Engine Journal, the average number of interactions is down 18 percent since the beginning of the year.

Not that this wasn't expected! Much like how it happened on Facebook a few years back, the organic nirvana is coming to its dead end even on Instagram. To push business owners to opt for its paid ad program, the organic reach will continue climbing down in the coming months and ad posts would rise in prominence.

So, if you're experiencing a decline in the organic reach and engagement of your Instagram posts, you're on the same boat. Of course, complaining won't help. This was long-time coming after all! Here are five things you can do now to continue dominating Instagram:

  1. Create and publish more high-quality content. Of course, this is quite a cliché tip but it's incredibly important. You cannot expect people to engage with your content if the content itself is of bad or mediocre quality. So, audit the quality of your posts. If there's even a small room, make improvements.
  2. Leave comments on others' posts. Remember, there are two ways to attack content on Instagram: one, create it; two, engage with it. You're already doing the first one. Do the second one now. Find posts using relevant hashtags and leave meaningful comments under them. Also, at the same time, respond to every comment on your own posts. You can't increase your engagement rate when you’re not making any effort to engage with people in the first place.
  3. Produce more video content. They continue to have a high organic reach. Moreover, users engage more with video content vs. vanilla images. So, re-define your video strategy, make necessary improvements in it and post more video content on Instagram.
  4. Publish content that drives engagement. Ask questions to your audience. Ask them to engage with the posts with captions like "double tap if you agree" and "leave a if you think it’s true". The more your audience take action, the more Instagram algorithm will favor you.
  5. You have hired the best SEO company in USA to work on your website traffic. Why are you DIY'ing social media marketing? Look around, do your research on the social media management companies in San Jose, and hire one that adequately fits your needs, requirements, and budget. These professionals can help you keep your Instagram game ace.

These are 5 tips that will help you dominate Instagram even in the face of declining organic reach and engagement. Of course, it's easier said than done. However, if you're consistent in the effort and are putting in the work, the imminent algorithm changes on social media wouldn’t affect you much.


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