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1st October 2020

What Makes Content Worthy of Google-Love?

You have likely searched for “how to create high-quality content” numerous times.

After all, that’s what the search engines want you to do: Create high-quality content.

But as we mentioned in one of our previous posts, the term “quality” is subjective and has no outlined benchmarks. If you didn’t read that post, please check it out here: Here’s The Biggest Problem with Your Site’s SEO in 2020

And perhaps this is why, while you certainly would want the content to be of good quality – whatever that means – you don’t want to chase that “high quality”. Instead, your priorities should be shifted to consumers.

Who is your target audience? What are their needs? What are their pain points? What kind of solutions they are looking for? When Googling a phrase, what is their intent and kind of content are they expecting?

These are important questions.

Addressing them can reveal a lot of insights, which can then navigate you in the right direction in creating apt content that’s more fitting to your target audience.

Remember, in the end, search engines want you to focus on the target audience – and not some hacks and tricks. And with search intent becoming an integral part of SEO now, you must care about your audience more than ever.

This now requires you to do intensive research on the market, as well as the target audience. You want to create a buyer persona and tie your content marketing and SEO efforts very closely to that persona.

Admittedly, creating a buyer persona, and thereon content marketing and SEO strategies are far from easy. They have their own challenges if you’re aiming for an efficient and high-return outcome. Hiring a digital marketing company in Kolkata, India, can be a big help here. They can help you on the back of their own database, analytics tools, and better competitive analysis practices.

Once you have a thorough buyer persona, you can then go on to create content that will likely be more rewarded by Google.

Of course, even if you know the intent and objective of the content based on the buyer persona, creating that content demands the right skills and better SEO understanding. If you have the best digital marketing company in UK or India by your side, you can rely on their team of content writers to produce traffic-magnet content.

In any case, that’s how you create content that gets more love from Google and other search engines. This shift in the approach of going away from “produce high-quality content” to “produce content that my target audience finds resourceful” is the punchline here.

Change your gear and see a massive improvement in your SEO metrics; see a significant boost in your site’s organic traffic in no time.

Audio : What Makes Content Worthy of Google-Love?

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