Services Required:

    Some agencies focus on select solutions and industries (called boutique agency), while others offer end-to-end solutions (called full-service agency). In general, some of the services offered by digital marketing agencies include search engine optimization, paid search ads, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. Note that these are only a few of many inbound and outbound digital marketing services offered by agencies; this is not comprehensive.

    There are many advantages of digital marketing services. It can gain your business more traction. It can generate more sales. It can position your brand/business strongly against your competitors. In short, it can help your business drive more revenue and scale quicker.

    Yes, digital marketing agencies provide SEO consultant services. In addition to consulting, they also offer SEO execution. Meaning, they don’t just say what needs to be done but also do it for you.

    If people are searching on the web for products that you offer – if they are searching for brands/businesses like yours – then YES, SEO is very important. Ranking higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords can bring you more customers.

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It involves optimizing a website in certain ways so that the website ranks higher on SERP for relevant keywords. It includes two broader categories: On-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is optimization that you do on the website. Off-page optimization is optimization that you do (for your website) on other websites; for example, getting backlinks from other websites.

    If done right, SEO really works. It requires proper research, planning, and execution.

    If you want your business to rank higher on Google, Bing, Yahoo when someone searches for products that you offer – if you want to rank higher on SERP when people search for businesses like yours – then you definitely need to do SEO for your business.

    A well-defined content strategy that includes an editorial calendar, quality content, thoughtful distribution, and other key elements can help you bring more website traffic, leads, and sales. It can help you build a stronger brand presence. In all, it can transform your business goals into a reality.

    “Content marketing is the only marketing that’s left,” said Seth Godin. Everything you do on the web to promote your business involves content, in one way or another, in one format or another. So, content marketing, which broadly involves planning, creating, and distributing content, is almost essential now.

    Social media marketing involves planning, optimizing and managing social media strategies with defined objectives to gain more followers, drive more brand traction, and make more sales. The services involve social media marketing experts working to grow your brand/business on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

    Top social media marketing agencies, instead of following a template-like approach, work per the distinct needs and requirements of individual clients. They base their strategies according to what the client is looking to achieve. The workflow, in general, includes defining goals, creating social media profiles, optimizing these profiles, creating a social media content calendar, and publishing content regularly. The agencies also run social media ads and leverage analytics to ensure consistent growth.

    Google My Business is a free tool by Google for businesses to manage their online presence across Google. It enables you to promote your business.

    GMB is extremely important for local SEO. With it, you can list your business on Google Maps and local search results. You can put important business information at the front. It increases your reach to potential customers. It increases your brand awareness.

    Search Engine Marketing or SEM involves SEO and paid search ads. Based on your goal, one can create a distinct (data-driven) SEM strategy. For instance, if you want to drive more sales for your product, you can create a unique landing/product page and run an ad against it targeting a relevant keyword. Similarly, if you want more website traffic, you can publish more long-form content that’s optimized with relevant keywords and checks the E-A-T SEO parameters. For more information on SEM services, get in touch with us today.

    Research is the key. Spend some time in creating a list of digital marketing companies. Shortlist them based on factors like their specialization, experience, market reputation, and more. Once you have a handful of names, reach out to them and talk. Let them know your requirement, ask them questions, find out about their pricing, and then make a decision accordingly.

    We offer a wide range of digital marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), paid search ads, content writing, social media marketing, web designing and development, and conversion rate optimization, lead generation, and branding. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who specialize in different verticals. This enables us to offer end-to-end digital marketing services, assuring to cover all your digital needs at one stop.

    This really depends on the scope of the engagement between us and the client. For instance, the approach and process we take with SEO projects differ from how things are when we’re working on a project for social media marketing.
    However, in general, the process includes a welcome call, client interaction to understand their expectations and KPIs, and then establishing a realistic timeline for different tasks to ensure clear tracking for the client.
    In any case, we ensure the whole process is transparent and the client is aware of every step of the way.

    This depends on the type of digital marketing service you need and the scope of the project. Please contact us to know more about our pricing and to get your quote.

    We have a large, multidisciplinary team of professionals that includes SEOs, paid ad experts, designers, writers, branding experts, developers, content specialists, link building experts, and more. The team combines to have extensive hands-on experience of working on real projects and helping clients write big success stories.

    SEO takes time. Things won’t change for your site in just a couple of weeks. SEO has many elements to it that need to be brought together, planned, and executed. We will never give you an unrealistic timeline and make false promises. We, however, will intimate you about what you can expect from the SEO efforts in the following weeks and months after the beginning of the project.

    Yes, we offer content marketing service in Kolkata. We have a team of content specialists who can devise effective content strategies to help you achieve whatever goals you’re aiming for, whether more traffic, leads, higher brand awareness, or something else

    Our social media marketing service is completely end-to-end, including everything from posting to designing creatives, community management to videos creation. So, with our social media marketing team by your side, you don’t have to worry about anything.

    Kreative Machinez was founded in 2008 and since then we have worked with hundreds of domestic and international clients from across different niches. Our track record is one of those factors that separate Kreative Machinez from other digital marketing company in Kolkata. Our team commits to not just deliver clients the highest ROI but also an exceptional experience. At Kreative Machinez, we care about our clients and their success. If they win, we win! This outlook, which subsequently defines our strategies, is another one of several factors that position us ahead of the crowd. Connect with us today, let’s work together and feel the difference.

    This depends on what you’re looking to achieve, what industry you’re in, and various other factors. For instance, if you’re in B2B, LinkedIn could be the most effective channel for you. However, if you’re into food and DIY, Instagram and Pinterest could work magic for you. So the answer to the question is “it depends”.

    Social media attracts more attention (whether organically or through paid ads). You can funnel down that attention through effective strategies to spread awareness about your brand or products.

    If you want more traffic to your website, if you want more people to know about your brand/product, if you want more sales, if you want to grow your business – you should go for digital marketing. It can help you achieve all your goals.