Our Team


Founder & CEO

Deep-set eyes burning with the passion and energy to do something different, Mr.Pramod Maloo (aka Premo) is the CEO and founder of Kreative Machinez. An MBA in marketing, he is a visionary, a digital thinker, an online branding consultant and strategist, an eloquent speaker.


General Manager

The oldest kid on the block (read Kreative Machinez), 6 years and going strong, He (aka Indra) is the General Manager on the floor. He has juggled with roles and profiles for all these years with sincerity and dedication. Currently he is one of the Business Development Managers at Kreative Machinez, poised to up the revenue graph of Kreative Machinez.


Business Head

After having a hardcore experience in the web industry, Sanjay Dhar (aka Samuel) is one of the Business Development Managers at Kreative Machinez, pulling off his duties with flair. From client co-ordination to getting into the aesthetics of online marketing and branding, he has been successful in building digital relationships.


HR Manager

A friendly personality heading the HR department is Sucheta Sarkar who has been instrumental in making the big fat Kreative Family to extend and grow in a productive way. With 5 years of experience as a HR professional, touching industries like manufacturing, consultancy, retail sector to digital marketing, she is a super mom, a foodie and a smiling face who gets along with everyone on the floor, easily.


Content Manager

With 6 years of experience in the industry, Rakhi Biswas is the Content Head at Kreative Machinez handling a good-sized content writing team with efficiency. Writing has been her passion since childhood. From expressing wonderful creative thoughts to composing anything strictly formal or business- inclined, she can dabble with any form of writing, editing and proofreading. She is a music lover and a real gourmet.


Development Manager

The web development head, Sandeep Patra (aka Sandy), has been the key player in the web development team, upping the performance level over the years. Dabbling with code work and sharing the responsibility of bringing numerous websites live while the programming framework remains strong; it has been the handiwork of Sandy and his team.


SEO Manager

The SEO Team Leader at Kreative Machinez, Amlan Maiti manages a super-size SEO team on the floor. His commendable technical knowledge and SEO expertise along with the full support, skills and execution power of his team, has helped Kreative Machinez to excel as one of the top SEO companies in Kolkata, satisfying both local and international client in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and worldwide.


Social Media Manager

The young, dynamic Social Media Head, Pranav Sha, is the fuel behind the social media team at Kreative Machinez for almost over 4 years now. With social media optimization and marketing becoming the next big thing in the digital realm, he has been the true flag bearer of the social media team at Kreative Machinez. A bike lover, foodie and tech freak, he is a very popular name on the Kreative floor


Project Lead

A tall and lanky guy with a thing for retro stuffs (his wardrobe is a fine example), Arijit Guhathakurta is the Project Lead who carries out his professional role with élan. From co-ordinating with clients and team members fostering effective teamwork to handling pressurized situations with a soothing sunshine smile, he is a go-getter. He is passionate about football and bikes as well!


Asst. Development Manager

The all-smiles, super cool headed web developer hailing from Nepal, is Sunny Bhagat, the right hand of the Web Development Head, Sandy. Whether it is loads of work, pressure-cooker situations, finishing projects with stringent deadlines, Sunny has been successful in delivering to the best of his abilities and is an able team player that one can bank on.


Asst. HR Manager

A composed, sober guy, Susmit Mukherjee is the Assistant HR Manager who is sincere and dedicated when it comes to taking care of his HR duties and responsibilities. He is passionate about music and a self-confessed gaming enthusiast.

Bikram Halder

Email Marketing Manager

One of the oldest guys at Kreative Machinez, Bikram Halder is the Email Marketing Manager. He is a tech junkie and his ability to learn, explore and experiment with things in his domain has been commendable and is now an able leader. He is also known for his quirky sense of fashion!