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18th July 2016

Boosting Your E-Commerce Sales with 1 Very Simple (But Undermined) Way!

Big eCommerce businesses exhaust heaps on marketing- spending thousands of dollars on social media advertisements, cross platform promotions and PPC campaigns- just to boost their sales, when,  in fact, their sales can soar high, at very cheap, with just few minor tweaks here and there.

E-commerce website development is one very important aspect that steers the sales rate significantly. But it often gets overlooked amidst the hype of landing page optimization, retargeting and CRO.

Higher Website Traffic Doesn’t Mean Higher Sales

Did you know, less than 40 per cent of eCommerce website visitors really have to or want to buy something?

So, granted, marketing strategies do well in bringing traffic to your website, but it plays only a portion of the part to make actual sales.

Whether the majority of the visitors (over 60 per cent) will buy anything or not really sways on a number of factors, including their browsing habit and experience. So now the question really is, how do you influence their habits and experience?

Good Website Design = Better User Experience (UX) = Higher Sales

A website’s design directly correlates the Users’ Experience (UX). And guess what the visitors will do if they don’t find the build of any e-commerce platform appealing? They won’t buy from there, of course!

And, this fact, was proved yet again in a recent survey where it was found that about 38 per cent of people will stop spending time on a website if its layout is not appealing!

So investing well in your e-commerce website development and designs is rather essential. Keep it clean, quick, mobile friendly and with easy navigation; all these will improve UX, and hence the possibility of making more sales.

Re-targeting is Ineffective

Like mentioned already, many visitors exit a website due to its bad in-built. In this scenario, the re-targeting strategy- which include, among many components, email and cross-platform marketing- becomes quite ineffective. Why?

Because these potential visitors, who has already visited your website and viewed your products, are still in the impression (rightly so!) of your messy e-commerce website development and design. It is very unlikely they are heading back to your landing page again, even with all your consistent marketing attempts.

CRO Strategies Fail without Well-Built Website

While many e-commerce businesses have no CRO strategies whatsoever, others who do have, got it completely wrong.

There are many design and development aspects that can improve the conversion or sales rate, like personalized landing pages, small checkout process, addressing security issues of the buyers’ personal details and overall website navigation.

So without a well-built eCommerce website, your CRO strategy is as good as having no strategy.

Undertaking all these facts, it is rather important to be considerate about your e-commerce website development, given it directly affects your sales. Do focus on marketing, but spend just much of your time on improving visitors’ UX and conversion rate.

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