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19th May 2021

5 Subtle Social Media Marketing Mistakes Costing You Big In 2021

In a competitive market, even small mistakes amplify in impact to create big upsets. This applies well with social media marketing. When you have thousands and thousands of brands competing to grab consumers’ attention, even a small mistake in your social media marketing strategy and execution can result in poor ROI. This is why you cannot let those “little things” slip away.

In that context, here are subtle social media marketing mistakes that could possibly be costing you big:

Using the wrong hashtags

So if you use a few unrelated hashtags? What could possibly go wrong? It would only increase your reach, right?

But here’s a thing: If a post on Facebook or Instagram has more organic reach but its engagement is still poor – which would usually be the case when you use unrelated, irrelevant hashtags – it sends a wrong signal. This then further limits your organic reach, hindering your growth on key platforms.

So, if you use unrelated hashtags in your posts, it’s not harmless. You’re paying big for it.

Posting a lot of content

The quantity of the content matters just as much as quality now. You should ideally produce more content across all distribution channels.

However, if you’re doing this beyond a stretch, it’s a mistake.

When you post more content on social media platforms and the organic metrics are poor, this further adds to the woe; it further limits your reach.

In addition, posting too many pieces of content – especially those that are less relevant or uninteresting – risks people getting fatigued and engaging less.

Not aiming for engagement

The more the engagement your posts have, the better your brand is positioned on social media platforms to attract more attention.

But, of course, getting more engagement on your posts is more strategic at which, sadly, many brands fail.

If you’re not putting all your energy – through interesting content and defined CTAs – into ensuring that your posts are engaging, you will lose the game in the long run.

Make sales pitches

A lot is about perception. If you post sales-driven content on social media, your audience may form a perception about your brand. They may assume you to be very salesy. In that, they may decide to not engage with your brand.

Even if you publish only a few sales-driven content, it may still build that unwanted perception.

So, be very perceptive of the kind of content you post on social platforms. If they sales-focused, it may seem harmless but it’s a mistake.

Not experimenting enough

Successful social media marketing is all about experimenting.

Unfortunately, many brands simply follow a basic structure or template. They either do only what has worked for them, follow their competitors, or blindly post content without putting any thought around scalability into it.

If you’re one of them, it’s a critical mistake that’s limiting your growth on social platforms. You must ideally do more testing to find what’s working for you and what’s not. The tests you do, the more opportunities you can discover to position your brand strongly on social media.

Fix these Mistakes

These are subtle mistakes but very costly in the long run.

If you’re making any of these mistakes, promptly fix them. Hire a digital marketing agency in Canada, USA, or India for help.

Go through the list of providers of digital marketing services in USA, Canada and India, and pick a name that specializes in social media marketing. Tap on their expertise to help your brand reach its full potential on social media platforms.

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