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7th June 2021

5 Things You Should Do Daily to Ace SEO (And Dominate SERP)

There’s no magic pill for SEO.

The top sites you see that consistently rank higher on SERP for competitive keywords is a result of years of hard work in creating outstanding content, building links, and following the SEO fundamentals.

Ask the digital marketing agencies in USA what it entails to get their clients to dominate search results… It involves everyday work with consistent improvements and attention to detail.

If you want something similar, you must take small but definite SEO steps every day.

Here are things you should do daily to ace SEO and boost your organic metrics:

1. Link internal pages with each other- When you publish new blog posts, you likely link other older posts in them. But what about internally linking this new URL with existing pages on the website? You need older pages to pass link juice to this new page as well. Many people miss this. Make it a point to revisit old pages on your website and link newer (relevant) pages on it.

2. Update old blog posts- Revamping and repurposing is one of the most effective content marketing and SEO techniques. Go to your old blog posts and update them. Add more information to it, optimize it with the right keywords, and include better images. There are many ways to update old blog posts. Do this every day.

3. Spend time with Analytics- Doing SEO without data is a blunder. As mentioned earlier, SEO is all about consistent improvement made over a long span. These improvements are not possible if you’re not looking at the numbers. So, spend some time every day with your analytics. Look at key metrics like traffic, page views, bounce rate, time spent on the page, keyword ranking, and more. Religiously track your results.

4. Identify technical SEO gaps- No matter how incredible your site is, there would always be room for improvement. So, do technical SEO audits every day, identify gaps, and make small improvements. Technical SEO might not get as much credit as it deserves – but it’s incredibly important that the technical side of your website is well optimized.

5. UX-driven improvements- These are little improvements made every day aimed at improving the experience of the visitors. For instance, if the font size is too big, decrease it. If the line-height on one page is too less, increase it. If an image in one of your pillar pages is taking too much time to load, minimize or replace it. The objective is to improve the UX aspect of your website.

These are five things you should do daily to ace SEO and dominate SERP.

If you need help, get in touch with a digital marketing agency in Canada, USA, or India today.

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