7 Powerful Content Marketing Hacks to Rock Your 2017
Kreative Machinez
12th July 2017

7 Powerful Content Marketing Hacks to Rock Your 2017

With customers becoming more demanding and difficult to impress and search engines becoming smarter by every passing day, 2017 could just be the year for content marketing. So if your website still relies on black-hat practices for the higher ranking, you better stride ahead to change your game with high-quality content-centric approach.

Here are 9 Powerful content marketing hacks to help you rock the next year like a pro marketer-

Produce Infographics

The demand for infographics has increased by 800 percent in the past year. In fact, they are shared and liked on social media platforms 3 times more than any other type of content. So next year, make time to produce more infographics. You can easily do that using various free online tools.

Repurpose old contents (regularly)

Repurposing and reusing the old contents is the easiest way to be consistent and win more traffic. Already 29 percent of leading marketers systematically do this. So update your old contents in view of current trends, new information and target audience’s changing needs.

Leverage on video contents

Video improves conversion rate. In fact, 4 out of 5 customers think that a video showing how a product or service works is important. 69 percent of companies already report that their video marketing budget is increasing. So if you don’t already, start focusing on video contents.

Create density contents

Long-form of blog posts generate 9 times more leads than the short-form posts. While it really depends on the content quality and the topic it covers, creating overly long and tedious posts might not work in 2017. With less attention span, the median time people spend on articles is 37 seconds. So you should produce “density contents” that doesn’t include anything unnecessary information and fluffs, but strictly what readers are looking for. You must respect their time and aim to offer better per-second utility value with your content. The average word count of top-ranking content in Google is between 1140-1285 words.

Be more personal

From making conversion easier to building a passionate audience, personalized contents do wonders. 78 percent of CMOs already believe that custom content is the future of marketing. So avoid having a broad approach. Micro-target the audience. And address their needs and issues individually and regularly.

Start guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the powerful strategies that even top (and smart) best seo company in Kolkata are using these days for higher search traffic. Pick several popular websites in your niche that complement your business and start guest blogging for them.

Elevate your email game

Email marketing is still just as relevant with its whopping 3800 percent ROI. So elevate your game here- invest more of your time and energy. Collect people’s email address, automate personalized follow-ups and engage them with your brand or business to convert. Place subscription forms strategically in multiple places. Take help of any leading web development company in Kolkata, if needed.

Participate on social channels

Creating content alone is not enough. You need to work to get people to read it. And this is where social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn comes in. More than 81 percent of marketers found that their website’s traffic increased with as little as 6-hours per week invested in social media marketing. So make sure to share your content on all the social platforms.

Have a purpose behind every content

Never create content without a purpose; never create it just for the sake of doing it or because everyone is doing it. Write, make videos, design infographic, only when it makes sense, with a definite goal. Have CTA for your audience- tell them what you want them to do after consuming the content. And then, of course, track your performance.

These are 9 powerful content marketing tactics to help you take the right digital strides in 2017. Now go on, get to working!

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