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28th January 2019

7 Tactics to Double Your Lead Generation

Honestly, it isn’t as much of a fuss as so many search engine optimization services providers make it to be.

Lead generation, with certain measures and the right approach, is fairly easy. The biggest challenge comes in nurturing those leads to make the conversion. But that’s a whole different topic altogether. Let’s stick to our subject here!

Here are 7 tactics that will double your lead generation:

1.Take hands of AI chatbots

Artificial Intelligence is already playing a significant role in sales. Stay up front with this trend or you’ll be left behind.

Majority of B2B businesses have some form of chat box installed on their websites. Placed usually at the right-bottom of the screen, these AI-powered chats prompt personalized messages to the visitors.

You can easily use AI-bots to engage the visitors: to either get their emails directly or navigate them to the sales page.

2.Fix your above the fold content

The first thing a visitor sees on your website plays a crucial role in his or her browsing experience. This is why the Above the Fold (ATF) content is so very important.

Take time in coming up with the right ATF. Generally, having a call-to-action or opt-in form right in front is a prevalent practice that generates decent leads.

In addition, your above the fold content must also be very thoughtful to foretell visitors that they are at the right place. The headings and sub-headings must address their problems and be definite in terms of what exactly you want them to do.

(That said, be also very careful about the below-the-fold portion.)

3.Create personalized contents

We’re past the “digital age”, now into the “content age”. If you’re not creating an enormous amount of high-quality contents on a very consistent basis, you’re doomed to fail. This is why even the top companies are hiring professional website content writing services.

In our context of lead generation, creating personalized contents can be a complete game-changer for you.

If your landing page has personalized contents that deal with the unique problems of the visitors proactively, they wouldn’t mind giving you their emails. (This would also mean that you have multiple landing pages for different segments.)

All you’ve got to do is create very thoughtful custom contents that are empathetic to the needs and problems of the visitors.

4.Attract qualified website visitors

Lead generation is the biggest challenge for those who attract unqualified, untargeted visitors. There’s a good chance that you’re one of them.

The problem emerges when you’re writing clickbait articles, stuffing irrelevant keywords and producing misleading web copies.

So, strive to attract the right website visitors. Start by optimizing contents with targeted long-tail keywords. Keep away from clickbait titles and focus on evergreen articles. And, again, as point #3 mentions, create personalized contents.

5.Have multiple opt-ins

Just having one opt-in form isn’t sufficient. You must provide your visitors multiple opportunities to subscribe through multiple forms that are positioned thoughtfully.

For instance, aside from having the lead generation form above the fold, having one in the footer, as well as having a few CTAs throughout the page, is important.

Welcome mats, sliders, and floaters, too, are good options. But only employ them when it makes sense.

Also, for higher conversion, it’s a good practice that you have multiple value proposition with each opt-in form.

6.Invest in Facebook and Insta stories ads

Facebook and Instagram stories ads, at this moment, are highly under-priced. They are one of the best avenues to generate targeted traffic and leads.

Do some basic research, set a proper budget and invest in ad programs of Facebook and Instagram.

With the right message and value proposition, you can generate a large number of leads at a fairly cheap price. And not just that. Even nurturing such leads is relatively easier.

7.Analyze and improve

Split testing is the cornerstone of virtually every successful marketing and sales campaign. So, don’t just stick to one tactic or strategy. Continue testing new approaches.

Analyze the results and keep moving things from one place to another. Even when something is working fine, don’t be afraid to tweak things and make changes.

In short, don’t settle. Keep on A/B testing your lead generation tactics. You will end up with a perfect combination that’s generating you leads optimally.


Again, contrary to the hullabaloo, lead generation is much simpler. All you need is the right approach and proper tactics. Fortunately, in this data-abundant world, devising effective strategies is extremely easy. And it gets easier with competitive analysis tools that you can use to copy your competitors’ strategies.

And then, of course, you can always hire a good digital marketing agency if things get too hectic.

The aforementioned tactics, if implemented well, guarantees to double your leads.


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