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29th March 2017

9 Actionable SEO Tactics to Sky-Rocket Your Ecommerce Sales

Overall, last year has been great for the Ecommerce industry. While sure market competition was at its all-time high and highly demanding customers did pose a challenge, many key players of various niches emerged to be the ultimate winner on the scene with their analytical prowess, unique strategies and engaging digital campaigns.

Hopefully, you enjoyed decent revenue this year as well. Want to sell more though?

To help you start your sales in a grand way, here are 9 practical SEO tactics to sky-rocket your Ecommerce sales easily right in the first month of the New Year.

1. Do a fresh keyword research

During festive seasons, the shopping habits of the buyers change significantly-and so do their search queries. So do a fresh keyword research. You will sure come across relevant and less-competitive long-tail keywords that have far higher traffic than what you’re using right now.

2. Update your Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are still the most debated SEO factor. The fact is, they are important; might not be as much as they once were, but they still are. So update your Meta Tags – particularly that of poor-performing products – and use the new keywords.

Well, content is going to get more importance this year than ever..

3. Leverage on user-generated content

Reviews and comments on social media platforms have emerged to be a big influencing factor for buyers. So push your customers to leave good words for your products and store. Also, display these “happy experiences” on your website, upfront, oh-so-proudly.

4. Clean-up your website structure

Get rid of the unnecessary, low-functional and low performing features on your website. Clean things up on the landing pages. Manage internal link building efficiently. Make your e-store not just search-friendly but also user-friendly. Hire professional website development services if needed.

5. Start blogging (for your audience)

If content marketing isn’t already a major part of your digital strategy, you don’t know what you’re missing. Start blogging—for your audience and not for search engines. Produce content addressing various issues and needs of your target customers. Use keywords well. This will also open doors for your content to go viral, which will influence your social standing and positively impact your search engine ranking.

6. Deal ‘out of stock’ the right way

During festive season it’s quite common to run out of stock. Knowing how to deal with this situation effectively is very important. A plain “Out of Stock” board might convey the message well, but it might also loose your potential customers permanently. Tip: Display “Shop More” buttons; suggest related products more convincingly.

7. Add videos to product pages

Video marketing has become an important component of SEO. A product page with accompanying video has a far higher conversion rate. So add videos to your landing pages. You don’t need to be a genius editor to make decent videos. Use online tools, make it engaging and strive to offer value to viewers’ time.

8. Push for social shares

Another controversial SEO factor for some. However, it is quite evident today that social standing of your brand, store or website impacts its ranking. So have social sharing buttons on all your products and contents (images, blogs, and videos). Don’t shy away from directly asking people to share.

Last but not the least, website architecture is our favorite one..

9. Optimize your website architecture

Optimize the permalink of your Webpages. The closer your product webpage is to the homepage, the better it is. But a nice URL that includes not just about the products but also categories (and sub-categories) is equally important. So decide well, factoring the traffic of the landing page and your internal linking strategy.

These are 9 actionable SEO tactics that could (and would) sky-rocket your Ecommerce sales immediately.

Still struggling or don’t want to take the hassle of doing all that are mentioned? Better, hire a good search engine optimization services provider to give your business a great New Year start.

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