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20th April 2020

A Survival Guide For SEO Agencies During Pandemic

While things will inevitably go back to normal - at present, it isn’t! And it’s casting several economic repercussions, posing challenges for business owners across the world.

The SEO agencies are combating their own difficulties - FROM limited and inconsistent resources due to the lockdown TO clients pulling back or lowering their budget due to economic contraction. Maintaining the profit margin and supporting the infrastructure is getting more tasking by the day.

If you own an SEO agency India based, or anywhere else, and are at the same impasse, instead of taking the extreme measures, there are ways how you can keep your business going strong. In fact, you can turn this pandemic into an opportunity for growth.

Here are three tips for SEO agencies to survive and thrive during (and post) pandemic:

1. Cut back on the costs

This is the first and most obvious step.

Fix the financial leakages and try to save as much as you can of your non-essential spending.

Drop the third-party associations, consulting, and staffing. For the time being, stop using premium tools.

Save on electricity and the internet.

There are many little ways how you can cut costs, which can add to save a significant sum every month.

2. Hire a white label SEO agency

Find a reliable white label agency that offers the best SEO services Kolkata based.

Working along with a white label marketing agency has plenty of perks.

For the starters, you can deliver quality and consistent solutions to your clients, despite limitations on your end; this would help you with higher retention.

Furthermore, you can add more clients and work on more projects without adding to your expenses. The white label agency will handle it all for your clients, on your behalf, under your brand name.

Give this post a quick read: 5 Irrefutable Benefits of Working With White Label Marketing Agency

3. Furlough the employees

Instead of laying off people, which many companies in different industries are doing, furloughing is a much better idea.

The pandemic will be over soon. The economy will emerge stronger in the next few months.

Instead of permanently cutting on your human capital, send your employees on unpaid leave for one or two months. This will financially stabilize your organization, saving you plenty to survive in the following months.

All the while, you can continue bagging more clients, leverage the resources of your white label marketing agency, and grow your revenue.


These are three simple tips for SEO agencies on how to survive (and thrive) during this pandemic.

Of course, things won’t be as straightforward as mentioned here. There are different dynamics based on how you run your business and the infrastructure you have created. You will experience challenges.

However, in the end, just like any bad period, even this one will go away. And once the economy is back on track, you can accelerate your speed and reach to exponential heights.

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