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28th February 2020

Ace Digital Marketing: 33 Things You Should Know About Your Competitors

Competitive analysis is a big part of digital marketing.

After all, when you’re trying to break a benchmark, you must know what that benchmark is. If you’re trying to outdo your competitors on SERP, you must know where they are positioned. So, your digital marketing strategy should be shaped around the competitive analysis.

But, of course, that is easier said than done if you don’t have a good digital marketing agency in Kolkata by your side. The DIY ninjas can easily find themselves lost in the pool of data. That said, to make things simpler, here are 33 things you should know about your competitors to improve your digital marketing strategy and achieve more:

  1. The number and type of organic keywords they are targeting.
  2. The positions they are ranking on for the targeted words.
  3. The amount of estimated traffic individual keywords is bringing them.
  4. The social media platforms they are on.
  5. The social media platform they are most active on.
  6. How many pieces of content are they producing on the top 3-4 social media platform?
  7. The number of blog posts they are publishing in a week.
  8. The average length of their blog posts.
  9. The channels they are distributing their content on.
  10. The number of followers and fans they have on social media.
  11. The kind of engagement their social media posts are getting across different channels.
  12. How fast their website loads?
  13. The landing pages that are driving them the highest conversion.
  14. The average length of their landing pages.
  15. The kind of call-to-action they have.
  16. The number of backlinks their site has.
  17. The websites they guest blog on.
  18. The above-the-fold of their landing pages.
  19. The keywords they are bidding on for PPC.
  20. Their community management skill and strategy.
  21. The brand mentions they have got organically on different websites.
  22. The digital marketing companies in India they are working with.
  23. The kind of navigation their website has.
  24. Their PPC ad copies.
  25. The estimated traffic they are getting from different countries and cities.
  26. What kind of lead magnets they have?
  27. The number of emails they are sending to subscribers per week.
  28. The kind of email copy they have.
  29. The way they are nurturing leads.
  30. What kind of tone their brand has in content?
  31. Their networking efforts – who they are reaching out to, who they are talking to.
  32. Their SEO score. (There are many SEO tools where you can compare your site with theirs’ head-to-head in terms of SEO.)

The kind of tools and solutions they are using.


Understand that the intent behind knowing all these about your competitors isn’t to…

  • Focus on them
  • Copy what they are doing

A good digital marketing strategy is goal-oriented. And you will figure out your appropriate goals only when you’re acquainted with the industry benchmarks.

The idea behind knowing your competitors better is to improve your digital marketing strategy and goals. Besides, your (successful) competitors can teach you more than anything or anyone else. You can literally take things that are working for them and implement those with different nuances for your own brand or business. So, you should always keep a tab of your competitors strategy-wise.

Now, gathering such information is not easy. Popular competitive analysis tools like SEMrush do exist. But they are not only expensive but also quite complex to use and understand – owing to their intricate interface, made-up lingos, and too much information. Moreover, one or two tools can’t be sufficient when you’re looking for the little details of your competitors. A lot of manual work might be needed.

A much simpler, better and convenient solution is to hire a good digital marketing agency in Kolkata. Work along with them to understand your competitors better, outdo them, and stay ahead in the game.

  Audio Version:- Ace Digital Marketing: 33 Things You Should Know About Your Competitors


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