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13th March 2021

Buy Backlinks in 2021: Is it a Good Idea?

If you’ve been in the SEO game for some time, you would know getting organic backlinks is a complete pain. It takes a lot of time and effort. And even with that investment, you’re not sure whether you will get the backlinks or not. Most importantly, even if you get the backlinks, you never know if that’s going to help you with SEO or not.

Owing to its lengthy process and uncertainty in results, many people often choose to buy backlinks. And this is true even for numerous agencies. Ask any digital marketing company in Canada, USA, UK or India; they would reveal they buy backlinks for clients.

Getting Penalized By Google

In 2021, it’s a common practice in the SEO community. But then just because it’s common and prevalent does mean it’s correct, right?! Buying backlinks is against Google’s guidelines. They advise against paying someone money (or exchanging a product or service) for backlinks. If they discover you’re involved in this practice, you will get Google penalty, which would kill whatever little traffic you’re getting at present.

So, in reality, it’s not a good idea to buy backlinks. There are too many risks involved.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that buying backlinks in 2021 is costly. This is when we’re talking about good quality backlinks from high DA websites. Cheap-priced backlinks (that you usually find people selling on platforms like Fiverr) will do more damage than done, positioning you even worse. Also, buying backlinks, while relatively simpler and quick, require some amount of work to do link gap analysis and ensure desired relevancy.

Avoid Black-Hat Practices

Ideally, one should refrain from such black-hat practices. It may take time and effort, white-hat SEO practices assure you of long-term rewards. You should focus on having a well-mapped long-term SEO strategy that incorporates long-term link building strategy. The most effective way of getting backlinks is link baiting. Create incredible pieces of content that others actually want to link it. You can even reach out to other influencers or website owners and ask them from the front to link to your site.

In addition, instead of doing it yourself, you can always work along with a digital marketing California agency (or a good agency based anywhere in the world). The top agencies usually boast a strong network that they tap on to build backlinks for their practices. Plus, they deploy several other link building strategies that can win you high-quality backlinks the right way.

But bottom line, buying backlinks in 2021 is not a good idea. There are risks involved that are fitting for many business owners.

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