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15th September 2016

Dear “Sorry”, Sorry For Not Using You Often!

There is no shame, no humiliation  in saying this 5 letter word, 'sorry'  but yes, mean it from the core of your heart when you say it. Curb that hesitation, feel the genuineness of the purpose and tuck away your ego, be in the journey to cleanse your soul... Those pricks of conscience won't let you be no matter how steadfastly you want to stand firm if you are nursing a guilt well within the layers of your heart! Be a free soul and say a 'sorry!'

Don’t make technology a barrier—ensure it’s a bridge

A sorry can melt hillocks of sentiments, help re-grow a bond, make one forget all the 'wrong' that a certain "US" inflicted each other with... so when the world is becoming a small place to live in, thanks to the speeding progress of technology, we are shutting down our respective doors of the heart, and merging the virtual and real world, failing to realize that this moment goes by, another one is passing on. .. And a change of Facebook status or that DP with a pout on whatsapp could have easily waited when your mom was shouting at you to help her a bit in the kitchen or keep your room clean... The eager eyes of dad sitting in the living room supposedly watching a very enthralling match also wants his son to talk to him, share his day's small or eventful stories, but a son fails to observe that keenness in his eyes to talk to him as he is too busy over the phone, glued to social media or again occupied with his OWN life after he is home from school/college or office.

The walls of distances in personal equations are becoming sturdy with each passing day ... at times, we feel sorry for ourselves when in the self-talk mode, so why make that damn ego to get the better of everything? Say it fast, loud and clear and mean it... I AM SORRY!

Pseudo-busy days in the shade of ‘professional life’...

The never-settling hassle of corporate life is another obstacle the keeps us from opening our emotional shades with others. Lack of time because we’re too busy checking mails, returning calls, and even doing nothing... too busy to even take seconds out from the schedule to say thanks to the next-desk colleague for helping us out last week in a project, or to apologize to cut him off in front of the boss just the last day.

The busyness is taking a big toll on our lives—so much so that we’re in love with the idea of being occupied, when in fact it’s just the pseudo busy days we’re living. A life that keeps us from doing what’s actually important and feeds our ego to an extent that even a simple 5 letter words like ‘SORRY’ seems like a burden, too heavy to carry... so we just stay at the desk for longer, avoiding the possibility of any moment to emerge where we must say what’s need to be said. Knowing less what now looks to be a saddle is nothing but an opportunity to open up, fix relationships, ease up the guilt and live more happily.

So why carry on with the weight of self-guilt on your back when the opportunity itself provides you to ease off the burden? Why not genuinely say ‘I am sorry’ today to those office colleagues who truly deserves it?

Nobody deserves an apology from you more than yourself

They say charity begins at home—and so does apologizing. Nobody deserves a sorry from you more than yourself. For falling for that wrong person over and again, for shutting yourself within enclosed walls when the entire mesmeric world welcomes you, for spending hours in front of TV and phone when you should be strolling in your city under the moonlight, for trying to be a person that you’re not, for all the regrets, for the words that left unsaid, for this and for that.....

There are too many reasons to apologize to yourself for; too many opportunities to begin a refreshing journey; too many things to be thankful for; and way too many people to have by your side, to hold hands, share laughs and create beautiful memories with. Too many—if only we first learn how to say “SORRY”!

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