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21st September 2016

Flat Website Design- A Major Trend of 2016 (And 2017, Likely!)

Few years back, web developers, in their quest to design outrageously-unique and eye-catchy website, would go all the way using large and complex coding frameworks- caring less about its overall speed and UX. While they did managed to come up with something visually appealing, the websites struggled in the SEO aspect and failed to offer visitors a smooth experience.

That trend, thankfully, has shifted today. Half way through 2016, this year we saw an upsurge in flat design; many top web design service companies shifted their approach to a minimalist website layout. And the trend is likely to carry to 2017 in full thrust.

Flat Design- Finding Individuality in Simplicity

Flat designs are what one can describe as ‘sweet and simple’. A minimalist approach to designing websites, it eliminates complicated and unnecessary textures, patterns, colors, gradients, images and other flashy effects, and relies heavily on content.

The color variations are simple, with no to less additional designs. Buttons are clean, with sharp edges. And the whole aesthetic is compact and simple.

3 Important Ways Flat Website Design Boost SEO

  1. Improve website speed- Stripping away all the unnecessary codes and other fluffs, the size of the website is considerably small, which gives a boost in its loading time. This subsequently affects the SEO of the website positively.
  2. Fits well in small screen- Websites with flat layout is compatible with handheld devices. They are highly responsive to any size and dimension. And with Google Panda update, having mobile-friendly websites is not just important today but rather mandatory.
  3. Enhance UX significantly- High loading speed, mobile-friendly, and most importantly easy navigation- all this contributes in notching UX to new scale. Again, offering ‘high user experience’ is one of many important SEO factors.

Should You Use Flat Design?

Sure flat web design comes with host of benefits. But ‘is it for everybody’ is a question that one needs to ponder. There are specific type of niches and business types that suits well for flat designs over others.

A minimal looking website might not align with your overall business structure and strategy, despite all its merits. What you offer, who are your customers, where they are located, what devices do they use, how to browse your website and more- you must factor all these aspects before deciding to give a makeover to your website.

If things look too complex to understand and implement, it is always advised that you hire a good website development company.

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