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8th May 2023

Go Beyond Blog Posts: 10 Types of Content Your Brand Should Start Creating

There’s a lot more beyond standard blog posts and articles. And if you want to build a high-value content asset that helps your business scale, you need to create a wide range of content to address diverse marketing/sales needs. Here are 10 types of content every brand should start creating right away:

1. eBook

eBooks are long-form, comprehensive pieces of content that can educate, inform, or entertain your audience. They're an excellent way to establish your brand as an authority in your industry and generate leads. By offering valuable, in-depth insights, you can encourage potential customers to provide their contact information in exchange for access to your eBook.

2. Technical Paper

Technical papers are research-based documents that provide detailed information about a specific subject, technology, or methodology. They're particularly useful for B2B brands, as they can help position your company as a thought leader and showcase your expertise. By creating and sharing technical papers, you can attract high-quality leads and engage professionals seeking in-depth knowledge.

3. Infographics

Infographics are visual representations of data, information, or knowledge. They make complex concepts easier to understand by presenting them in a visually appealing and digestible format. Infographics are highly shareable, making them ideal for increasing brand awareness and driving website traffic. To create a successful infographic, focus on telling a compelling story through data and eye-catching design.

4. Videos

Videos offer a captivating way to connect with your audience that text-based content can't match. With explainer videos, how-to guides, or product demonstrations, you can express your brand's personality while forming deeper connections with your audience. Plus, videos are often shared on social media, broadening your brand's reach.

5. Datasheets

Datasheets are brief, one-page documents showcasing your product or service's features, benefits, and technical specs. These are invaluable for B2B businesses, helping potential customers grasp your value proposition quickly. Providing downloadable datasheets can generate leads and support your sales team's efforts.

6. Podcasts

Podcasts offer a personal and intimate way to engage your audience. Covering topics like industry news, expert interviews, or educational content, podcasts demonstrate your expertise while building trust. This accessible and convenient format provides value to your audience.

7. Webinars

Webinars are interactive online events that engage your audience in real-time. Covering topics like product demos, educational workshops, or expert panels, webinars generate leads through required registration and provide direct interaction with potential customers.

8. Case studies

Case studies delve into real-life examples where your product or service solved a customer's problem. By sharing these success stories, you build trust with your audience while demonstrating the value of your offerings, helping potential customers envision the benefits.

9. Product demos

Product demos are engaging videos that highlight your product or service in action. They help potential customers understand how your offerings work and differentiate you from competitors. Showcasing key features and benefits, product demos drive interest, particularly for software or technology companies, by illustrating complex functionalities simply.

10. Product comparisons

Product comparisons provide an unbiased evaluation of your product or service against competitors. They help potential customers make informed decisions by highlighting the differences in features, pricing, and benefits. By creating transparent and honest product comparisons, you can position your brand as a trustworthy source of information and guide prospects toward choosing your offerings.


Creating a variety of content types is essential for engaging your audience at different stages of the marketing funnel. From eBooks and technical papers to videos and product demos, diverse content helps you cater to your audience's needs and preferences. They have their distinct needs and purposes. So, define your exact marketing goals and assign the right type of content to those goals. If you need help with content creation, get in touch with a top digital marketing agency in Mumbai or the best digital marketing agency in Gurgaon. Work with experts to create high-quality content.

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