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26th May 2023

Google’s Search Generative Experience: A New Era for SEO

There's a seismic shift happening in the world of search engines. Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) is at the forefront of this transformation. It provides instant, AI-generated responses to search queries, offering a new level of user interaction. More than that, it's redefining the rules of the SEO game.

The Core of Search Generative Experience

At the heart of Google's SGE lies the Large Language Model, PaLM2. This AI-powered tool is designed to generate direct responses to search queries, providing users with immediate answers rather than a list of links. The AI-generated responses are distinctively highlighted and accompanied by a disclaimer, "Generative AI is experimental," indicating the innovative nature of this feature.

The Mechanism Behind SGE

Upon entering a search query, users are presented with an AI-generated response at the top of the traditional search results. The SGE employs generative AI to formulate these responses, citing source links to validate the information provided. This feature is expected to be initially available in the US, with a global rollout yet to be announced.

SEO in the Age of SGE: Navigating the New Landscape

The introduction of Google's Search Generative Experience marks a turning point in the world of SEO. With AI-generated responses taking center stage, traditional SEO strategies may need to be reevaluated and adapted. This could potentially impact organic traffic for publishers, particularly those relying heavily on evergreen content.

The Shift in SERP Real Estate

One of the most noticeable changes with the advent of SGE is the rearrangement of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The AI-generated responses, which provide direct answers to user queries, now occupy the prime real estate of the SERP. This pushes the conventional "10 blue links" further down the page, potentially affecting their visibility and click-through rates.

The Impact on Organic Traffic

The shift in SERP layout could have significant implications for organic traffic. With AI-generated responses taking precedence, traditional links may receive less visibility, potentially affecting click-through rates and overall organic traffic. This could be particularly impactful for publishers who rely heavily on evergreen content, which has traditionally been a significant source of organic traffic.

Adapting SEO Strategies

In light of these changes, SEO professionals may need to rethink their strategies. The focus may need to shift from simply optimizing for keywords and building backlinks, to creating high-quality content that directly answers user queries. This could involve a greater focus on understanding user intent, researching long-tail keywords, and creating comprehensive, in-depth content that provides genuine value to users.

The Prominence of Long-Tail Keywords

With SGE's ability to handle complex, long-tail queries, we might see a shift in search behavior. Users may start to favor these longer, more specific queries, which could affect the performance of content optimized for shorter keywords. SEO professionals may need to conduct more detailed keyword research, focusing on long-tail keywords that directly address user queries.

The Role of Quality Content in the SGE Era

SGE's focus is on delivering accurate and relevant answers to queries, rather than promoting pages optimized for specific search terms or keywords. This suggests that content quality will play a pivotal role in achieving visibility in the new search landscape. Genuine, helpful content that effectively addresses user queries is likely to gain prominence.

While the advent of SGE presents new challenges for SEO, it also offers opportunities for those who can adapt to these changes. By understanding the new landscape and adjusting strategies accordingly, SEO professionals can navigate this new era and continue to achieve success in the SERPs.

The Emergence of Long-Tail Search Queries

SGE's ability to handle complex, long-tail queries could lead to a change in search behavior. Users may start to favor these longer, more specific queries, potentially affecting publishers who have primarily optimized for shorter keywords.

The Intersection of SGE and Advertising

While the SGE is still in its experimental phase, Google is exploring ways to incorporate advertising into the AI snapshots. This development could have significant implications for advertisers and publishers alike, potentially altering the way ads are displayed and interacted with on the search results page.

The Implications for Publishers

The introduction of SGE could have a profound impact on publishers. With AI-generated responses taking precedence, traditional links may receive less visibility, potentially affecting traffic. However, this also presents an opportunity for publishers to adapt their strategies, focusing on creating high-quality content that genuinely addresses user queries.


The launch of Google's SGE is a milestone. It's a new chapter in search engine evolution. It brings challenges for SEO. It also uncovers opportunities. The future of SEO? It's in the hands of those who can leverage AI. Those who can deliver authentic, high-quality content. This is just the start.

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