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26th September 2020

Here’s The Biggest Problem with Your Site’s SEO in 2020

You understand the basics of search engine optimization very well.

You’re aware of structured markups, First Input Delay (FID) and other technical aspects.

And you have even implemented all that you know of SEO on your site.

But here’s what is happening…

You aren’t seeing the desired organic traffic. Some of your URLs may even be ranking high on SERP, but that’s failing to translate into clicks.

And that’s a big challenge!

(There’s a reason why so many brands invest so much money on digital marketing agencies in San Jose or other cities.)

What Does “Quality” Mean?

Many people still don’t understand that SEO isn’t static. It isn’t about following a set of rules.

There’s a lot to it that’s subjective and complex.

And this is where the conversation turns to the quality of content.

To rank higher on SERP, you need to produce content. SIMPLE.

Google recommends publishing high-quality content to rank better. SIMPLE.

But here’s an interesting question: What is “high quality”? Can you quantify it? Are there any outlined metrics that classify “high-quality content” and “bad quality content”.

In reality, quality is a subjective term.

A piece of content you published, it might be of good quality to you but not to others (including search engines). Similarly, a content that might look poor to you, others may like it more.

Even if you follow at E-A-T concept wherein Google asks you to create content that underlines expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness - there’s a lack of clarity as to what makes a piece of content more (or less) expert, authoritative and trustworthy.

Is the Quality of Content Your Big Enemy?

So, since there’s no established way to measure the quality of content, it’s easy to mistakenly assume that content on your website is of good quality that users and search engines will prefer.

Experience matters here.

Personal understanding of SEO in 2020, Google’s guidelines, and industry benchmarks is equally important.

Analytics plays a key role as well, revealing many actionable insights.

In any case, if you aren’t seeing the desired result from your SEO efforts, look at your site’s content; it might be the biggest enemy here, which is also easy to overlook.

Audit your content (regularly).

And then figure out ways to make the necessary improvements.

Admittedly, this might still sound like an ambiguous call-to-action. After all, how would you know what improvements are needed?! This is where hiring a good digital marketing company in Canada, the USA, or Canada and leveraging on their team of copywriters can make all the difference for you.

Audio : Here’s The Biggest Problem with Your Site’s SEO in 2020

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