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20th June 2019

How Not To Destroy Your SEO Dreams To Rank Higher On Google?

You think that it’s helping you. But, in reality, that optimization technique is destroying your website's ranking on SERP… as well as your all SEO dreams.

Over a decade, the dynamics of SEO has changed big time.

Unfortunately, those old practices still prevail.

If you're trying to ace the SEO game, you're your biggest enemy for following the old methodologies and techniques.

Here's how not to destroy your SEO dreams:

1.DO NOT target irrelevant keywords

It might manage to bring you more traffic, but that traffic itself is quite irrelevant. It would never convert.

Furthermore, attracting bad quality traffic may even hurt key metrics like session duration, bounce rate, click-through rate and dwell time -- all of which have emerged to be crucial ranking factors for Google in this RankBrain era.

And when these metrics are hurt, it will negatively hurt your SEO.

So, it has never been this important to focus only and only on relevant and targeted keywords.

Stuffing keywords is bad. Targeting unrelated keywords is bad. (And yes, in 2019, obsessing keywords is bad too.)

2.DO NOT publish short contents

The average word count of a Google first page result is 1,890 words. (Source)

There are countless similar studies that conclude the same: search engines prefer long-form contents.

And why not really! Long-form contents are more intensive in nature, cover the topic in details and provide more value to the readers. And that's what search engines want to provide the users: "more value".

So, if you’re producing short-form, half-hearted articles (for the sake of keeping your blog "fresh"), you're making a big mistake.

It's very unlikely that you can ever get these articles rank higher on SERP. And in that case, all the links in those articles will be rendered useless. (Because links in bad quality content aren’t considered high for ranking purpose.)

3.DO NOT submit links to directories

This is a very, very old practice that virtually has no use today. Sadly, many people still invest time in it.

Like mentioned…

Links in bad quality content aren’t considered high for ranking purpose.

Majority of these online directories are usually of bad quality. Some of them are even blacklisted by search engines.

Submitting your links to these websites would only transfer you bad link equity, which will hurt your SEO.

4.DO NOT add too many website features

Not that it's wrong. Sure you can add as many fancy features to your website as you want. However, this comes at the cost of high website loading speed.

The more features you add, the slower will the website get.

And a slow website is the biggest SEO mistake today.

1 second delay in page load time leads to 11 percent loss of page views and 7 percent reduction in conversions. (Source)

This is one of the biggest reasons why minimalism has become such a big trend in website designing and development.

Check the speed of your website. If it takes more than 5 seconds to load, make it a priority to fix it. Strip away all the unnecessary features. Optimize the code.

For help, hire a good company that offers digital marketing services in California. Work together with their team of developers.

5.DO NOT be a passive practitioner

Here's what so many people do…

They publish an article, share it a couple of times on social media platforms, and then do nothing. They wait for search engines to discover the content and rank it high for the targeted keywords.

Needless to say, they never get much of a reward in return.

Being a passive practitioner is a mistake. You must proactively take steps, every day, to get your website rank higher on SERP instead of playing the "wait game" with the search engines.

Publish more high-quality contents. Publish guest posts on other blogs for backlinks. Link new content in old contents. Share your contents on social media frequently. Convert your articles in different formats (infographics, videos, slides) to maximize its value.

By being passive, you're hurting your SEO growth.


These are five ways how you cannot kill your SEO dreams to champion Google, Bing and other search engines.

If you’re doing any of these things that you shouldn’t, you're basically sabotaging your website's potential.

If you need professional assistance, hire a company that offers SEO services in San Jose. Let the professionals help you through all your mistakes and fuel your business growth in the digital landscape.


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