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14th July 2023

How Not to Use AI in Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence is a part of every conversation. And a lot has been said about how to use AI in marketing.

While AI can be a great fuel for your marketing efforts, there are also ways you can get it completely wrong. This can not only hurt your immediate ROI but also hurt your online presence in the long term.

Here are seven ways how not to use AI in marketing:

1. Publishing AI Blog Content

AI can generate blog content, but it lacks the human touch. It can't fully understand the nuances of your brand's voice or the emotional context behind certain topics.

While it can be a great tool for generating ideas or drafting content, relying solely on AI for blog content can lead to generic and impersonal posts.

Having a human review and editing AI-generated content is important to ensure it aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience.

2. Using AI to Replace Market Research

While AI can sift through data at lightning speed, it doesn't quite match up to the depth of insights that traditional market research offers.

AI algorithms are dependent on the data they're given, and they might overlook the finer details that a human researcher would pick up on. They're not equipped to comprehend cultural subtleties, emotional undertones, or the motivations behind consumer behavior.

So, while AI can complement traditional market research, it shouldn't be seen as a replacement. This approach will give you a more rounded understanding of your market.

3. Posting AI Content on Social Media

AI can create social media content in no time. But it's often glaringly obvious and can come off as robotic and inauthentic.

Social media is all about building connections and engaging with your audience on a personal level.

Content generated by AI can lack the genuine feel and personal touch that audiences appreciate.

It's crucial to use AI as a helping hand in managing social media, not as a complete takeover. Human touch is necessary to ensure the content is engaging, authentic, and in tune with your brand voice.

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4. Lack of Data Privacy

The effectiveness of AI is tied to the quality and volume of data it can tap into. However, this heavy reliance on data can raise privacy issues.

Mismanagement or misuse of customer data can lead to serious legal consequences and a damaged brand reputation.

It's of utmost importance to respect data privacy, stick to regulations like GDPR, and maintain clear communication with customers about how their data is used.

5. Ignoring Human Touch

AI lacks the human touch that's vital in marketing. Over-dependence on AI can result in generic, impersonal marketing messages that fail to resonate with the audience.

The best marketing companies in India strike a balance between AI's efficiency and human creativity and empathy, ensuring personalized and engaging marketing campaigns.

6. Not Setting Clear Goals

AI is a powerful data analyzer and can provide valuable insights. However, without clear, well-defined goals, AI can lead to misguided marketing strategies. AI tools are not intuitive; they require specific objectives to guide their data analysis. Without these objectives, the insights generated may not align with your business needs, leading to ineffective marketing efforts.

7. Replacing the Need for a Consultant with AI

AI can provide valuable insights and automate tasks, but it cannot replace the strategic guidance of a marketing consultant and the best digital marketing company in Kolkata.

Consultants bring years of experience and industry knowledge, understanding the nuances of the market, and providing personalized strategies.

AI, while efficient, lacks this human perspective and the ability to understand complex market dynamics. Therefore, while AI can supplement the work of a consultant, it should not replace them.

8. Final Words

AI is certainly not a "shiny object" or a trend that will fade. It's going to completely redefine digital marketing in months and years ahead.

But be cautious about how you're using it. For example, there still isn't clarity about how search engines will treat AI content. There's still limited empirical evidence of how AI can impact lead generation and customer service.

So, use AI tools thoughtfully in your marketing process. And if you need help, consult the best digital marketing company in Kolkata.

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