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11th October 2022

Permission Marketing: All You Need to Know

Permission marketing is a way of getting people to give you permission to market to them. The phrase was coined by Seth Godin in his 1999 book, which is now more relevant today than ever.

Permission marketing is effective because it allows customers to feel like they are in control of their own experience with the product or service. They can choose what information they see, when they see it, and how much of it they see at any given time. By asking permission before you sell them something, you're creating an emotional connection and increasing the chances that they'll buy from you.

How Does Permission Marketing Work?

People opt to receive marketing messages and materials that are relevant to their interests. They give explicit permission to a brand to engage with them. And they can give this "permission" in several ways, like subscribing to emails, following on social media, and choosing web push notifications.

For example, if a person is interested in meditation and mindfulness, they might opt to receive marketing emails from a meditation studio or spiritual store.

5 Benefits of Permission Marketing

Asking people for permission to use their personal data and send marketing messages is the best way to build trust with them. In fact, if you're trying to build a relationship with someone, asking "permission" is the cornerstone of that relationship.

  1. It's The Right Thing to Do

In 2022, asking people for permission before you bombard them with marketing offers and messages is simply the right thing to do. It's ethical and your audience will appreciate it.

  1. It Shows Respect For Your Audience

The best way to build trust is through actions that demonstrate caring consideration of others' needs or interests. Permission marketing allows you to connect with customers on a deeper level because it gives them the chance to take ownership of the relationship with the brand instead of just being sold something they don't necessarily want or need at that moment in time

  1. It Makes Sense for Both You and Your Audience

The most important benefit of permission marketing is that it makes sense for both you and your audience. You're not spending money on campaigns that are irrelevant to your audience. Instead, you're focusing your spend on content that will provide value to them and that they are willing to consume.

  1. It helps You Avoid Potential Legal Issues

Sending email blasts or pushing hyper-targeted ads can sometimes lead you to legal issues. Permission marketing is the safest way to engage with your audience and drive sales. With people giving you permission, you have more leeway as to what type of message you send, how you send it, and when you send it.

  1. It Builds More Powerful Relationships

When people give you their permission to communicate with them, they're showing their trust in your brand and business and making a decision about what kind of information they want in their inbox. That makes them more likely to engage with your brand over time because they trust it more than other companies.

Final Words

Every best digital marketing agency Canada & worldwide now leverages permission marketing for clients. If you're too looking to steer your direction and prioritize "permission", make sure to hire the best SEO services provider or other marketing experts who are in line with your needs. Permission marketing can be a complete game-changer for your brand in the long run.

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