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14th November 2019

The One Change You Must Make In Your SEO Strategy In 2020

2020 might just be the start of a period where marketers and companies realize that vanity metrics like page views and the number of visitors aren’t as relevant as treated. Conversion rate and ROI are the Holy Grail. After all, the efforts are virtually a waste, unless intended strictly for brand building, if they aren’t returning with financial rewards. And it’s about time that SEO community, at large and in specific, realizes this.

Optimize For Search Intent

This shift in the primary objective, then, also demands a tactical shift in Search Engine Optimization strategy. While it already made quite a lot of noise in 2019, search intent is going to be an even bigger point of discussion in 2020. In order to attract a highly-targeted audience who pose greater tendencies to convert, the website must be optimized around search intent.

In layman, this basically means that you must optimize your website around the intent of search queries. Henceforth, questions like what exactly the users are looking for, what is their problem, what kind of solutions they require, and what kind of results they prefer become obnoxiously important to consider along the line of your SEO strategy.

What Google Wants?

Following Google BERT update, it’s clearer than ever now that even Google wants you to do the same. BERT is one of the biggest updates for the search engine in years. Standing for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, the change will now help Google understand the context of search queries. Once it *really* understands what the users want, the results will be displayed accordingly. If your out-of-context result appears for irrelevant queries, and people actually click on it, Google RankBrain will come into play, which will track users’ experience and then eventually demote your URL for that particular query.

It’s okay if these sound confusing. The key is that search engines now better understand the intent of users – and so should you. If your website isn’t optimized around highly (HIGHLY!) relevant keywords, the UX-centric metrics like bounce rate and session duration will take a hit. This will cascade to negatively affect your at-large search ranking and brand equity. Contrarily, when search engines assume that visitors are getting good value from your site, they will further promote your URL for the right phrases.

Moreover, it’s an old tale that non-targeted keywords and misleading headlines will only bring you unqualified visitors and leads. This, which is hard to detect unless you have a very thorough sales funnel, will end up wasting a lot of your time and resources without returning with a substantial conversion. This will hurt your business.

Prepare To Dominate SERP in 2020

So, in 2020, stop focusing on extraneous metrics. Prioritize conversion rate by optimizing your website around the intent of search queries. This is exactly what Google wants you to – attract the right audience and provide them the highest of value.

Admittedly, devising a unique strategy around user intent – which includes pulling strings of keyword research and content creation among various elements – is easier said than done.

Moreover, when you’re creating an intent-based strategy, it also would require you to make some fundamental changes in your website’s design and performance so as to deliver visitors a satisfying experience. So, hire a good web development company in Kolkata, as well as SEO agency Kolkata based. Work along with these professionals to better optimize your website and dominate Google (and Bing) in 2020.


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