Desh Ki Awaaz
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12th August 2017

This Independence Day… Be ‘Desh Ki Awaaz’

Desh Ki Awaaz is one-of-a-kind app that's already winning Play Store. Packing powerful features, it revolves around the simple mantra '#PowerToYou'

Even as India completes its 70 years of independence, some problems remain as it was back then—the fixation for power, centralized structures and poor accountability of those at the top. When was the last time your mind fancied for a change in the country but that wish was hushed with sighs and helplessness? (Only Yesterday?!)

Rid that feeling and feel empowered starting today. Introducing 'Desh Ki Awaaz', a one-of-a-kind app that's striding fast to revolutionize everything in the country with its powerful features. Already acclaimed as the best app by users and industry-experts, it's ruling Playstore. Have you downloaded it yet?

Have Your Voice Heard

Never let selected voices outdo you—not at least when it matters your well-being and the nation's. 'Desh Ki Awaaz' app aims to make your opinions and ideas relevant by connecting you, with a single click, to the leaders and lawmakers, right from PMO and CMO to the MLAs of your constituency.

The app also features regular polls and open chats. So you're never alone in your endeavor to be a game-changer. Get together with other like-minded people, exchange views, introduce proposals and do much more—becoming Desh Ki Awaaz has never been this easier.

Small App Packing Marvel in Abundance

'Desh Ki Awaaz' app also packs plenty more excellent features, ensuring it's your go-to to stay in sync with everything happening in India. Get all the latest news on politics, economy, entertainment and more from reliable sources. The contents – articles, images and videos – are milled regularly with freshness; so you're always in toe with everything new, always updated on all key issues that matter to you.

Stride for a change this Independence Day

Start initiatives, be a part of initiatives—drive change, be a part of change. Collectively, along with other as amazing people like you, play fuel to a revolution. Talk to your leaders, stay in touch with the latest news, take part in polls, talk to other citizens in open chat— and at the same time do not compromise on the entertainment-end.

With Desh Ki Awaaz app, be a Desh Ki Awaaz. Because power belongs to you. #PowerToYou

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