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18th October 2019

Understanding Kylie Jenner, Branding And The Marketing Trends 2020

At 17, Kylie Jenner bootstrapped her cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics, with $250,000. Within the first 18 months, the company made $420 million in sales, pocketing Kylie $60 million after taxes. Per the market pundits, a large credit for that massive success goes to an unparalleled brand value she enjoys.

The youngest in the Kardashian-clan was recently named, by Forbes, to much of the criticism, the youngest self-made billionaire.

Her company is only one of the sources of income. She makes $30 million per season from the reality TV show. She makes several million from fashion shows and events. And she’s also one of the world’s leading social media influencers who charge as much as $1 million for one sponsored post on Instagram.

At a time when, even with all the signs pointing towards it, business owners remain reluctant towards branding – Kylie Jenner is the perfect case study to outline why one needs to build a brand and what a strong brand presence can do for the business.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Discussing digital marketing trends for 2020, Neil Patel says, “You’ll want to build a brand in 2020. Whether it is personal or corporate, it’s the best moat you can build in marketing.” He gives the example of Michael Jordan, Nike, Tesla, American Express and more to attest to his point.

Neil isn’t alone. Almost every top marketer in the world knows this – and have been propagating the importance of branding for quite some time now.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a serial entrepreneur, is perhaps one of the earliest ones here who, himself, has built a multi-million dollar agency based on his personal brand.

“The best companies in the world don’t sell. They brand. For example, Apple never tries to “convert” you into buying an iPhone. Instead, they paint a picture of the “iPhone experience.” They focus on branding,” Gary says.

So, the writing is pretty much on the wall for 2020 – the importance of branding will get to newer heights. Not necessarily because the top names in the industry says so, but because the millions of companies around the world will lose business to their competition who enjoy a good brand position in their industries. This would force culture in the market wherein branding would no more be secondary but, instead, integral and around which digital marketing strategies would be made.

Connect the Dots - Build a Brand

Are you building your brand?

While some may contend, it has been pretty obvious for a while that reputation is one of the ranking factors for search engines. Google prefers brand on SERP – because a brand is reliable, trustworthy and more likely to deliver good value to the users. So, it’s imperative that your SEO agency USA based spends a considerable amount of energy in your brand over the mechanical (read: outdated) aspects of optimization.

Even on social media, the importance of branding is quite evident, thanks to the heightening trends of influencer marketing. There’s a reason why many companies are paying niche influencers big amount to promote their products. These individuals have a brand value that their audience trusts. Moreover, one should also consider how only those companies and individuals who enjoy good brand position are among the very few that were/are least affected with the crumbling organic reach and engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, marketers like Neil Patel – they have cracked a rather evident code, which is brand will be the most important thing going forward in 2020 and beyond. Whether you’re trying to grow a bag company, build an e-commerce platform, pool fund for NGO or stand for the Mayor of your city – if you enjoy good brand exposure and trust, you’re off to success.

So, regardless of your business or industry, if you want to grow, get together with a top digital marketing company in San Francisco and devise a definite branding strategy as soon as possible. It’s the key to growth. And, most importantly, it’s the key to sustainability.


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