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4th February 2020

What Your Competitors Are Doing Differently To Rank Higher on Google?

They may have a leading SEO agency in Kolkata by their side. They may have invested BIG money on link building. They may have created one of the best performing websites that Google can’t help but love.

In reality, there are many things that your successful competitors can be doing differently to rank higher on Google SERP. While you certainly can audit them thoroughly and then copy their tactics, you will lose your original strength and proposition in that process though.

So, blindly copying your competitors is a bad idea.

That said, competitive analysis is still very important - especially when it comes to SEO where you basically have to outdo your competitors to clinch the first page spots.

In that context, there are definitely a few fundamental elements that you can take from the books of your competitors for ideas and inspiration - things that are enabling their success on SERP.

Here are three things your competitors are doing differently to rank higher on Google:

1. Well-planned top-of-the-funnel (ToFu) content

Creating SEO content is much more than just scribbling a keyword-optimized piece and publishing it.

It demands thorough planning in the backend.

The content needs to have clear objectives. The blog posts must be positioned well at the top of the marketing funnel, focusing on the topics that would bring you the most attention.

And that’s what top ranking websites do.

Their blog posts are a part of an at-large content strategy.

So, if you have been producing content on your site thoughtlessly, you might want to change that now.

Have a content strategy. Create an editorial calendar. Add a system to this part of the process.

2. Outbound links to other authority websites

There’s a misconception still among many that linking to other websites leak link juice.

It’s not true.

It is now well documented just how beneficial it is to provide outbound links to others’ websites.

The key here, however, is that you should link to “relevant” websites that are good in quality and have somewhat authority in their niche.

This helps search engines better understand the context of your page.

Moreover, when you’re associating your brand with other top websites, it sends a positive signal to the search engines, which plays in your favor.

So, whenever needed, do include the links of others’ relevant websites in your content.

3. Focusing (a lot) on user experience

Google and Bing want you to NOT care about them but instead focus on delivering a good experience to the website visitors. And they have said this countless times.

The top-ranking websites, although well optimized for search engines, prioritize the experience of their visitors atop. This is what separates them from the lot. And this is what you need to do.

You must focus on the various UX elements of your website - from its speed, responsiveness, and navigation to the readability, internal links, and whitespace.

Factor these little details to positively influence the UX-centric metrics like bounce rate, session duration, and pogo-sticking.

The better the experience you provide to your website visitors, the more the search engines will love you.


There are three among various other things that your top competitors are doing better to rank higher on Google.

If you are to beat them and get the desired position on SERP, it’s essential that you focus on these factors as well.

Admittedly, implementing such tips into actions is easier said than done.

For instance, how do you plan a good ToFu content strategy? That’s a challenge in itself.

This is why getting help from the right professionals is essential to add efficacy to your efforts and to enjoy better returns. So, look around, find one, and hire the best SEO company USA to assist you here.

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