Your Website Design, UX And SEO- How They Correlate?

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Your Website Design, UX And SEO- How They Correlate?

The design and layout of your website plays a very important role on User Experience (UX), your overall marketing strategy and conversion rate. But unfortunately, few people acknowledge it. Let’s talk about numbers a bit, at first-

  • 38 per cent of people will stop engaging with any website if its layout is not appealing.
  • 52 per cent of people look for ‘about us’ information on the Homepage.
  • Within this year, mobile internet users will top 2 Billion users globally.

These numbers shows just how crucial it is for you to have a beautifully designed website that is easily navigable, scoring high on functionality with perfect layout and it must be mobile-friendly.

Mobilegeddon changed everything we knew about website design


A major algorithm tweak was long due from Google. And last year, this giant Search Engine dropped the bomb when it started favoring websites that were mobile friendly. And it changed all, forcing the marketing and web designing company India to make their websites responsive that can be accessed on different devices easily. This directly impacted the UX and SEO of the websites for good, which subsequently impacted the conversion rate by improving the bounce rate and time people spend on a website.

3 direct ways you website design impact SEO

website design impact SEO

  1. The HTML Tags– How well your HTML, plus CSS and JavaScript is written and organized plays a crucial role as to how smooth your website functions.
  2. Your website speed– If the tags are unorganized with heaps of JavaScript, php, frames and plug-ins, the website will load slowly. Readers will like it less, and so will Google.
  3. Your website size­– How big is your website correlates how fast will it load; and how fast will it load correlates where will it be placed on SERP. So the simple rule is to keep your website small. But this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on anything. There are top web designing company India who can optimize and compress your website data easily.

Of course with Mobilegeddon becoming an epicenter of Internet Marketing world, there are many indirect ways your web design affects the UX and SEO. So it is more important than ever that you pick a reputed website and graphic design company, who not only design beautiful web pages, but also understand the titbits of SEO and digital marketing in general.