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20th May 2020

19 Things That Separate Top-Ranking Sites on SERP vs. Others

You want to dominate SERP and get more organic website traffic. But that isn’t exactly happening for whatever reason.

You can do two things in such a situation:

A. Hire the best SEO services company in India and tap on their expertise to move forward

B. Figure out why some websites rank higher on SERP vs. the others and then work around with those reasons to make improvements in your ranking and traffic

In case, if you’re a DIY ninja who would rather figure out things yourself than hire a professional SEO company India based, we’re here to help!

Here are 19 things that separate top ranking sites on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) vs. others:

01. They consistently produce high-quality content. Their blog is filled with resourceful posts.

02. They focus on and publish long-form content.

03. Their websites load faster.

04. The websites look great with sufficient functions that deliver good user-experience to the visitors.

05. They have easy and quick navigation that positively affects their session duration and bounce rate.

06. The sites are optimized well with the targeted primary and secondary keywords.

07. The meta tags across the website are optimized in terms of the length and phrases used.

08. The header tags (H1, H2, H3….) are appropriately used that provide a clean structure to the website for the search spiders to understand properly.

09. The internal pages are linked to each other thoroughly. This helps search spiders easily crawl across the website.

10. The sites have got relevant backlinks from high-quality websites.

11. They are mobile-friendly, delivering a good experience to the users accessing the site on handheld devices.

12. They have many (optimized) images on many pages.

13. They don’t have many broken links. Broken links are a big problem for large websites that struggle to rank high.

14. Their URLs are sufficiently optimized; they are of the right size and include keywords.

15. They have, of course, SSL certificate. In case if you haven’t kept up with it, HTTPS is a Google ranking factor.

16. They have high session duration. Meaning, the visitor spends a considerable amount of time on the website, which sends positive signals to the search bots.

17. They have schema markup implemented. This plays a big role in their organic CTR on SERP.

18. These top-ranking sites enjoy good brand recognition and value. And Google loves to reward good brands on SERP.

19. The website has a high domain authority, which Google uses as a sign of reputation. There are many factors that influence DA, including domain age, quality of referring domains, number of backlinks, and more.

These are 19 things, among possibly many others, that separate the high-ranking websites on SERP vs. the others.

These are 19 things that the top names do it right and per the likings of search engines to rank higher.

So, if you’re looking to rank higher on SERP for targeted keywords, follow the suit! Sure, it will take some time. But if you’ve got the basics right, rest assured to be rewarded by the search engines.

Audio : 19 Things That Separate Top-Ranking Sites on SERP vs. Others


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