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8th October 2020

3 Lead Nurturing Hacks That Will Take Your Sales To Sky

Lead generation has its challenges.

But once you have acquired an MQL aka Marketing Qualified Lead, turning that into a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) isn’t as easy as many people assume. If anything, this is more challenging. After all, it’s one thing to convince people to give you their contact details, it’s completely different to convince them to spend money on your offerings.

Just spend some time in your analytics. How many sales you’re making to the leads you’ve generated? What is that conversion rate? If you’re like the majority of the business owners, it won’t be high.

And the biggest reason behind that is your lead nurturing strategy is flawed.

In that context, here are 3 hacks of lead nurturing guarantees higher sales:

Acquire What Can Be Nurtured

This is a very important rule…

You can’t sell to the unsellable.

If you’ve acquired a lead that isn’t likely to convert into sales, you’ll end up wasting a lot of resources on this, which is a big loss.

So, it’s important you acquire only relevant and targeted leads that you can sell to.


Now that’s a whole different conversation on lead generation. If you need help, consider hiring one of the digital marketing agencies in Australia or the UK; the experts can assist you in outlining a good lead generation strategy.

Personalized Communication

Consumers don’t buy products. They buy experience.

And this experience is shaped, to a very large extent, by personalized communication.

If you’re static in your messages and are entirely focused on “selling”, you will find it difficult to convert.

You have to stir emotions in the consumers. You need to address their personalized needs, requirements, and problems. You have to aim at “helping” them and not selling.

They are more likely to buy from a brand that they are emotionally connected to than someone who is sending them static, redundant emails.

Your communication must strive to build this emotional connect.

This might increase the length of your sales funnel, but it almost guarantees high conversion. Moreover, since your customers now share a deep bond with your brand over personalized communication, there’s a good chance they will purchase again. So, it even increases your retention rate. And if your products are really good, you will also get more referrals.

Cross-Channel Engagement

Lead nurturing doesn’t necessarily have to be just on the emails.

You can tap on social media platforms as well, and you must!

The new leads you have acquired, they might still not know much about your brand. Moreover, you’re tasked to build an emotional connection with them.

So, connect with them even on social media. (Send an email asking them to follow you on social platforms.)

Post relevant content on these platforms that add to your brand value and drive higher engagement. Drive attention to your products in a relevant way.

If needed, since you already have their emails, run an ad campaign against them on Facebook and Instagram

The key is to create a communication infrastructure where different channels are integrated to deliver consumers a seamless experience.

Using both emails and social media platforms can make your lead nurturing efforts much more effective – and the following conversion can be done much quicker.


These are three lead nurturing hacks that almost guarantees to take your sales to the sky.

Admittedly, they are not easy to pull. They require a proper understanding of the process, as well as some hard data to make efficient decisions.

If you don’t have an adept team or better understanding, it is usually recommended to hire an agency offering digital marketing services UK, Australia or anywhere in the world. A good agency can navigate you in the right direction, helping you craft a better lead nurturing strategy, as well as with funnel optimization.

In any case, these are the steps you can take to boost your sales.

Audio : 3 Lead Nurturing Hacks That Will Take Your Sales To Sky

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