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20th February 2020

5 Changes Your Content Strategy Demands In 2020 To Ace SEO

If you still create content just for the sake of indexing, you have got it all wrong. With search intent at the epicenter of the SEO world, it is essential (and NOT optional) to create kickass content that delivers high value to the target audience - and then some more.

Moreover, your content approach should span to even other ends rather than just obsessing over the creation part.

If you’re working with one of the best digital marketing firms in India, you’re likely on the right lane. Sit back and relax.

If not, if you’re DIY’ing it, here are five changes your content strategy demands in 2020 to ace SEO:

1. Create more content

If you haven’t already heard this before, here’s the big news…

The quantity of the content is now just as important as its quality.

So, do focus on producing high-quality content. But, at the same time, heed to the quantity just as much.

Today, you need high-quality and relevant pieces of content in large quantity, distributed across the major platforms.

2. Have clarity in the intent

To unlock better SEO rewards, you must now map your target keywords to the search intent.

For instance, don’t optimize the article with “vegan diet” keywords when you’re planning to talk about work out.

Relevancy is the most important idea you should concentrate on when crafting your keyword and content strategy.

What kind of audience do you want to attract? What are they looking for? What kind of problems they have? And what kind of result or solution they are expecting?

Consider these questions and then ensure your content is optimized for user-intent.

3. Add more personalization

Personalization converts big time.

So, when you’re creating content, don’t try to target everyone.

Instead, focus on individual segments and address their unique needs.

For instance, if you’re targeting people who want to get fit, you can split that audience into various segments - people who are working professionals, those who are students, the new mothers, those in their 50s, more.

Segment your audience and then personalize your content.

This is the winning formula that assures to improve your search ranking, as well as conversion rate.

4. Does it have measurable objectives?

So many people produce content with no clear objective. They just do it for the sake of it. Are you one of them?

Every piece of article you produce must have an objective - and that objective must be clearly measurable.

Creating content because you want to generate leads?

The number of leads you generate is the primary KPI.

If the number of leads generated is low, you should then focus on secondary KPIs to fix that. The secondary metrics here include the number of visitors your landing page gets, their session duration, bounce rate, and page’s position on SERP for targeted keywords.

Take a similar approach.

Know your primary and secondary KPIs. And then measure the ROI of your content. If poor, improve your strategy.

5. Start repurposing and reusing

You spend hours of your time on a piece of content. So, it’s important that you extract the most value of it.

This includes regularly sharing that article on social media platforms.

Next, from time to time, you must repurpose and reuse that article.

Every 3 months, make it a habit to do content auditing. Pick your old, evergreen articles and update them with the latest (and improved) information.

Content repurposing is one of the most underrated content marketing strategies. Leverage it and see an influx of traffic without the need of producing newer articles.


These are five changes that your content strategy demands in 2020 to trade better in the SEO department.

While Google’s obsession with “high-quality content” has always been assumed as rhetoric, the sites who have pandered to that rhetoric will stand to win the most this decade. They would rank better on SERP and enjoy higher organic traffic.

If you have lagged in having a great content strategy, you might want to change that now.

With search engines now better at understanding what the end-users want and how much value a website is bringing to the table, you stand to win (or lose) a lot based on your content strategy.

Hire a good digital marketing agency in San Jose if needed.

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