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15th March 2020

5 Content Tactics To Help You Win The SEO Game

Hire a good SEO company in USA and a large part of their strategy will center on content.

Of course, the basic, technical aspects of SEO still hold. However, as we go through 2020, the content has become an even more dominant part of the search optimization process - much more integral and fundamental.

(And this is why the argument around SEO vs. Content Marketing comes absurd. One doesn’t replace the other; they are both complementary. Any reputed digital marketing agency in USA would tell you the same.)

So, if you’re looking to ace SEO, you’ve got to focus on the content department.

If you want to rank higher on SERP and generate more organic traffic, you need a thorough content strategy – maybe more than anything else.

So, how does your content effort looks?

Good? Bad?

Here are five content tactics that will help you dominate SERP, outdo competitors, and win the SEO game:

1. Produce pillar content

This is quite a basic one, yet so many people think less about it when outlining their editorial calendar.

If you want a strong digital presence - which boosts and sustains your online visibility - you need to build a digital asset. And digital asset makes of pillar content that would bring you a consistent flow of traffic/engagement even a few years from now.

So, when ideating for your website blog, focus on evergreen topics in your niche. Build a digital asset for your brand on the back of timeless content.

2. Consolidate the old content

This is what even Google recommends.

Many people produce content in large bulk just so to keep their blog “fresh”. This isn’t wrong in itself. However, in that, they end up producing poor quality content and covering the same topics numerous times.

If that’s the case for you, you might want to consolidate all the old content into one, large, super-quality, intensive blog post.

This has many advantages. For once, Google loves long-form content. And when you have created such a beast-like intensive blog post on one particular topic, it also becomes a favorite reference point of others to backlink.

So, audit your old content. Wherever there’s the opportunity, consolidate.

3. Make data-driven improvements

There are people who do not even care about updating and re-publishing their old content.

And then there are those who do this just for the sake of it.

Repurposing and republishing old blog posts are a key part of the content marketing strategy. But it’s more than just pasting to the content a newer date.

Dive into the analytics and figure out the loopholes in your old content. Does it have a high bounce rate? Is it leaking too many visitors? Does it have a low session duration? Is it attracting visitors with different intent?

Go through the numbers. Find out the problems. And then make informed improvements.

4. Target unique reader-personas

This isn’t something many marketers do. Don’t be one of them!

Before you go about creating content, you must be very clear who you’re planning to target and what their unique requirements are.

This is possible only when you have thorough reader-personas.

Outline unique personas for different segments of your target audience. And then create content accordingly, targeting the individual personas for maximum return.

5. Mingle your content strategy with sales funnel

As a business, the end-goal is always financial returns. This is why treating your content strategy as insular with its distinct goals is a bad idea.

It should be mingled well with the sales funnel to have clear objectives and CTAs.

For instance, the top of the funnel content is much different vs. the content positioned at the bottom. From the objective and call-to-action to tonality and distribution platform - everything is different. You would make sense of this only when your content strategy is intertwined with the sales funnel.

So, foremost, create a thoughtful sales funnel. And then work out a complementary content strategy around that funnel.

If you need help here, contact a good digital marketing agency in USA.


These are five content tactics that will help you rank higher on SERP, get more traffic, and ace the SEO game.

Admittedly, this is far from “easy”. After all, you now know to produce pillar content - but creating pillar content has its own dynamics that require its distinct strategy and detailed editorial content. So, it does have its challenges.

Take enough time, factor all the various details, invest in competitive analysis, and then create a kickass content strategy. It’s an essential part of SEO.

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