Lead Generation Mistakes
Kreative Machinez
13th July 2021

5 Fatal Lead Generation Mistakes To Stay Away From

Ask any digital marketing company in London, or anywhere in the world, if lead generation is easy. The answer will unequivocally be a big NO.

Sure, you can spend $1000 on Instagram ads to generate 5 leads. But is that return optimal?

Could you not have got 50 leads for that investment?

So, in a true sense, lead generation is all about getting high-qualified leads at the most optimal cost if conversion is your real objective.

This makes attending to even the smallest of mistakes and gaps essential. After all, these small mistakes and gaps can make the biggest difference in your bottom-line.

In that context, here are five fatal lead generation mistakes to stay from:

Not having buyer personas

Creating buyer personas is often treated as optional by many businesses. And it’s a big mistake.

Unless you know who your target audience is, unless you’re aware of their demography, psychography, interests and geography, you can’t create an effective lead generation strategy.

The right personas will navigate your key marketing and sales decisions. Without them, you would basically be shooting in the dark, hoping something hits.

Not relying on experts

Lead generation is a whole different vertical. CRO is a separate vertical. If you’re relying on your social media and SEO teams to generate qualified leads at optimal cost, that isn’t the right way to go.

Similarly, if you’re relying on lead gen and CRO experts to execute social media and SEO steps, that’s a bad idea as well.

You need a team of experts who specialize in different verticals. There’s no one winner or more important. The team needs to come together collectively to create an effective strategy and then subsequently execute that strategy.

Having just one lead magnet

Write this down: The more lead magnets you have, the more opportunities you will have to generate leads.

(Of course, the lead magnets ought to be thoughtful, relevant, and targeted, but that’s a whole different conversation altogether.)

Understand that your target audience is big and diverse. Even when you’re targeting the same group, there would be nuances in their pain points, interests, expectations, and other aspects.

Having lead magnets that individually address the nuanced differences enhances your chances of conversion.

Overlooking the power of dedicated landing pages

Almost every social media platform now offers native forms to collect leads.

But in many instances, having people come to your landing page is a better idea to generate leads. This tactic enables you to showcase more of your products, focus on your brand identity, set consumer expectations, and thereon generate more qualified leads.

If you’re generating leads directly through the platform’s native forms without any explanation or reason, it could be a mistake.

Undermining the importance of “good” creative

Lead generation strategy isn’t just about your value proposition. The kind of copies and creative content you use to explain or convey that value proposition is equally critical.

Unfortunately, many businesses undermine the importance of good quality creative. They don’t use copies, videos, and/or images that are attention-grabbing, relevant, and conversion-optimized. This hurts their lead generation campaign.

Final Words

These are five fatal lead generation mistakes you should stay away from.

If you need help, get in touch with a digital marketing agency Canada. Work with experts to generate more qualified leads in the most cost-effective way.

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