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1st November 2017

5 Reasons No One Is Buying Your Products/Services (and How To Fix It)

While as easy as it is to sell your services or products online, success doesn’t come easy. You can create a decent platform and display your offerings oh-so-proudly, today, quite easily. However, in the mix of high competition and wide skepticism from consumers on hefty investments, making your first and following sales will be quite challenging. How is your online business doing right now? Are you struggling to make decent sales? Yes? Why? Here are 5 possible reasons why no is signing up for your online products or services—and how you can fix that.

1. No leads capturing mechanism

One of the greatest things about email marketing is, even after decades, it is just as relevant. Once you have captured email of your target audience and after proper segmentation, you can automate a series of emails and convert potential customers into purchasing customers. Retention becomes just as easy. But all these are not possible if your website doesn’t have a good leads capturing mechanism. And even if it does, you need to chip in extra efforts to make sure the visitors give you their personal email address. So leverage tools like Mailchimp and OptinMonster to ace lead generation and email marketing. Once you reach your audience more intimately and convincing them to buy your products becomes very simple.

2. Very short sales funnel

Let’s understand this practically. If you ask the first-time website visitors to purchase your products and services, will they do it? Of course not! They would have to be insane for that. A customer’s journey includes three stages- awareness, consideration and decision. In these stages, you’re tasked to attract, convert, close and delight them via different components, other than the landing page, like blog posts, social media, CTAs, CRM integration and email workflow. Meaning to say, the process to make sales, depending on your business type, is a process where you can’t skip any step. Your sales funnel must take into consideration the target audience and the use various components at the right time and for the right audience segment.

3. Offering no sample or trials

In the sales funnel, to attract and convert a prospect, you’re going to have to offer something for free that doesn’t include long-term commitment. For example, if you’re offering website designing services, you can offer an interested prospect some free samples. If you’re a SaaS provider, you can offer them free trial of your platform. If you’re a motivational coach, you can offer free eBooks. The concept behind such incentives is to give people a basic idea of what they can expect when they finally decide to pay for the product/service. Once familiar with your offering, they are more likely to make the purchase. Platforms like Hootsuite (social media management tool) and AddThis (social bookmarking service provider) do this beyond perfection that has significantly improved their revenue.

4. Ineffective pricing

The higher the price of a product, the longer time will a person take in the consideration stage. This doesn’t mean that you should offer your product/service at cheap. What you can do is use pricing to tempt and trigger the potential buyers. Limited time offers (still) works like a charm. Offer exclusive coupons and people are more likely to buy. Seasonal discounts are just as effective to give your sales a major push in short time. Also, if you have multiple-layer of products/services, you can leverage your sales funnel to offer the lowest priced ones at first and then subsequently move to offer the premium products/services. Make sure all your products/services complement each other and then map a decent drip campaign. Once on automation, see the magic flow to bring you big sales.

5. No expert help by your side

Even if you’re quite a genius, doing everything all by yourself can turn fatal in no time. You can follow all the DIY tips and techniques, yet there will always be loopholes in your marketing strategy. The first challenge on the way would be the lack of reliable data, which would increase the need for A/B testing—meaning, higher cost and delay in result. The new challenge would be to draw buyers’ persona effectively. To have a smooth ride ahead, it is important that you have expert assistance throughout. Look for a good company who offers best digital marketing services in Kolkata, converse with them, make sure everyone is on the same platform. Once everything looks good, hire them and see your fortune turn around for good. These are 5 reasons why no one is buying your online product or service—with 5 solutions of how to fix the problem. Of course, implementing solutions won’t be easy. But it’s very well worth the effort.

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