5 Statistics to Get You (VERY) Serious about Content Marketing in 2017
Kreative Machinez
20th July 2017

5 Statistics to Get You (VERY) Serious about Content Marketing in 2017

Brands and businesses who relies on ‘spray and pray’ marketing practices are still coming to terms with the fact that the age of content marketing has dawned. And no more are those black-hat methods as effective as they once were. The consumers are too smart today- and so is Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

If you’re behind this trend, now might be the perfect time to change your marketing approach and incorporate valuable content into the core part of your overall digital strategy.


Here are 5 interesting content marketing statistics-

  1. Content Marketing costs 62 percent less than outbound marketing and generates 3 times as many leads

In fact, it is one of the cheapest forms of digital marketing that actually delivers a high-flying outcome. So stop with paid searches and invest the same resource and energy in producing unique contents.

  1. For every $1 spent, email content gives back $38 in ROI

Email marketing is an important part of content marketing. Offering a much wider and personal reach to the target audience and customers, email delivers 38-fold higher ROI on every $1 spent on it.

  1. 73 percent of major organizations hire professionals to manage their content marketing strategy

They say learn from industry leaders and successful competitors. This is what top organizations do today- 73 percent of them hire dedicated SEO content writing services to produce unique content every day and to overlook their whole content strategy.

  1. Content marketing offers nearly 6 times higher conversion

A study found that adopters of content marketing saw an increase in their website conversion rate by 6x. Those who didn’t, saw a meager 0.5 percent increase in conversion rate over the same period.

  1. 9 out of 10 B2B buyers said that content majorly affect their purchasing decision

Personalized and well-targeted content majorly influence buyers’ purchasing decision. And a survey in B2B niche proved this well. Not just that but content also plays a crucial role in customer retention and brand building which further adds to the sales in the long run.

These are 5 solid statistics that should pull all your attention to content marketing now and the next year. So be a bit smarter in 2017; improve your sales and revenue easily, with low customer acquisition cost. Have one of the best digital marketing companies in India by your side to help you build a winning content strategy.

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